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IRS issues new tax rules for married gay couples


Son of Liberty
IRS issues tax rules for married gay couples | Fox News

In the wake of the DOMA decision the IRS is issuing new rules for married gay couples. I have no problem with this and it conforms to the law currently.

How does this affect the push for states to allow gay marriage? I hear oftentimes gay couples making the equal protection argument that they are not treated as fairly and they point the IRS as an example. Does this satisfy that concern, or is this just one more step and that direction and it needs to be pushed forward?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm not real sure how it will affect states but I still think it would be up to the states if they want to allow same sex marriage or tax benefits to them as a married couple. I think this just says the feds are going to allow the tax benefit for being married.

So unless the states are also recognizing their marriage and being given tax benefits as a married couple I don't see them as being satisfied. It is a start in the right direction.