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There was a thread on here (with responces should have been moved here) about a young girl's mental problems and as adults we were having a very good discussion about the good and the bad of the situation.

Noone was attacking another or being mean in any way just expressing views and it seems someone deemed fit to remove it (if it was just moved i apoligize)

we have all had kids in this situation or similar or at the very least have heard of kids like this and for us to be able to talk about it it will bring it to the open and maybe just maybe help some parent and or child live through these hard parental times.

So before a thread is removed because it could be contraversial maybe we should look at the reality of life and that is "all life is contraversial" and there fore maybe we should remove all threads about religious objects because it may offend a christian.

I personally recieved several emails thanking me for opening up my abusive life so that others may see another side of the coin so in reality agree or not people were listening, and learning.

So please whatever moderator that removed this thread make sure that a thread is a negative before you respond in this way :)


P.S. abused and abusive kids are a reality and hiding the subject only makes it worse.


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That's the thread i just logged on to check on. Been on an airplane all day, just got home. Guess I won't look too hard.


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Like i said we are all adults here and should be able to discuss anything as long as noone is being hurt in the proccess.

If i want to intelligently say i how I hate Bush then a good lively debate forms so be it or how someone dislikes pagans like me so be it as long as noone is being hurt or attacked in anyway.

Sorry i am just kind of disappointed in what happened here because this wasnt some silly auction about toast looking like paula abdhul or such it was a very real life subject that can and or will affect all in some way and we all could have learned something in the long run.

coming from a demon-child born of abuse I can say I wish ppl were willing to talk in forums openenly in my day because maybe just maybe a whole lot of kids and families could have been saved much heart ache.



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As someone that has worked one on one with abused children and have seen them start to become abusers themselves I know this is an important topic. It seem like when it comes to most forms of abuse most people (no not all, but most of the American population) just turn away from what's really going on. People need to be able to read, talk about, and learn what is really going on.

I have seen what can happen to children and also know that some can cope and deal with it and become good, loving, strong adults, while others become abusers.

I was abused as a child, and then again later in life by a man that I loved. I know how hard it is, and I know how much strenth it takes to get though it. But I also know that my experences are something I can share and help others find the strength to get though it and become better people for it.


not a plastic bag
I agree with you 100%. I love a good debate as it often strenghtens my conviction or changes my mind. I too was following the thread that you are talking about and am dissapointed that it is gone.


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But that thread was not a debate....it was truth...real life.....uggggg
I don't get it......well I have a idea...but its not worth it i guess


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Staff member
Pin, the post was removed just because it had turned more into a debate instead of a conversation about the auction. Sorry if you thought it removed it because of your posts. I know we are all adults here and it's good to see that for the most part everybody can agree to disagree on most matters, but a lot of people were uncomfortable with the overall feeling of that thread. Sorry if anybody felt offended that it was removed.

I should also mention that the post can be brought back if people are comfortable with it. It's not deleted.. just hidden....


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Comfortable with it. Infact was planning on posting to it but never got around to it before it was gone. A subject I know a little about. Don't understand the "feeling" about the thread but that's just me. Each to his/her own opinion.

Pin nice to see you here. It's been awhile. Went to check your site out to see what you've been up to but it's down :(


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Andrew---I see where you come from because you have to please all the ppl all the time

But at the same time as long as there isnt anyone being abusive excetera posts should be left and anyone that is bothered by them then in my opinion should not be reading them...very easy to not click the link if ya know what i mean.

If i expected every post that i disagree with to be removed then everyone else felt the same way the boards would be a dry and barren place. Hell anyone pro-Bush or pro-chistianity really gets under my skin but at the same time they have the same right as me to be heard and the same right as me to my beliefs.

And unlike 99.999999% of topics here this one was important to many and probably hit home to many more than responded and if a topic like this comes up again maybe we should look at very closly monitoring it but until it is abused leave it to be discussed.

but i will say andrew that these are your boards and the final dicision is of course yours but as an abuse survivor i just couldn't not say my piece.

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