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Movies Iron Man Movie out in 08


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

As many of you know I'm a huge comicbook fan/junkie, and I do prop work on them from time to time.

Well now I can tell you about the newest Marvel instalment "Iron Man"

This move is going to start right from the first Iron Man story not in the middle or go backwards in a bunch of hazy flashback sequances.

They are going to try to stay completely within the guidelines that have been laid from the comic book and graphic novels.

Robert downy jr is Tony stark.. I think they could have done better than him for the roll but he does it justice.

This movie is going to have a huge mix of CGI and Real time props in it as well.
Sources form Marvel say that they have put in several fan based things for the fans to enjoy.
This movie was made for the fans...and it will bring in new ones as well.

There is no official release date yet due to the rating (they are trying to keep it PG 13 but will be released in an unrated Directors cut later on the summer of 08 or fall 09)

From what I have seen and worked on, this one is going to be one hell of a ride..If they don't kill it in the backstory.

Here is the preview of the movie.

YouTube - Iron Man Teaser Trailer

Check it out..I will be posting more on this movie as it becomes available.

Till then see ya around the net...
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I don't really know much about the Iron Man comics. I saw this preview a while ago and it just seemed like just another superhero movie. Do you think it will rise above the recent flood of superhero movies or do you think it will be cliche' like many of the others?

Here's a higher quality trailer:

Apple - Trailers - Iron Man


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It looks interesting, but I have not seen any of the Iron Man comics. So I will be going into this one blind, which could probably be a good thing. Since I won't have any pre-conceptions.


not a plastic bag
Iron Man was never one of the big Marvel guys. Big meaning Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, X-Men, Punisher, etc. I always considered Iron Man to be along lines lines of Namor the Submariner. So, I don't think the character brings the same level of fanboys that those other guys do.

That being said, I think this movie looks phenomenal. Downey looks great as Tony Stark. I think it could do very well at the box. It seems very topical being a semi-war related movie. One thing that I am unsure about is how the military will be portrayed. Movies that portray the military as somehow against the hero (i.e. Hulk) have empty theaters while movies that portray the military in a positive light strike a chord with audiences (i.e. Transformers).

There has been debate among comic fans and investors as if hero movies are a fad. I really don't think they are a fad. There was such a shortage of hero movies that when Spider-Man and X-Men hit, they were able to post blowout numbers, but that has normalized. These days every hero movie is based strictly on its merits. It's gotta be good or else, its going to lose money. You can look at other genres of movies and its hard to say that love stories, Disney movies, etc are a fad that will end anytime soon. I don't think it's any different with good comic movies.


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I'm coming around to this one more and more, I'm looking forward to seeing Robert Downey Jr taking on this role. He seems to have relevant experience as a substance abuser who wants to turn things around which is very similar to the back story of stark.


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I thik it looks cool. Granted it is just another superhero movie, but I still think it looks good. I am with Snipes on this, it is probably better if I go to this blind, that way I am not so let down if this movies sucks.


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Who will be acting as the Iron Man??? I think Ben Affleck is suitable for the role....what do you think guys??


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
No... Ben Affleck has voided any rights he has in super hero movies.
Iron man is being played by Robert Downie JR and I think hes a great choice.