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I have to say that I thought this trailer was great, it's definitely snuck into my top 3 superhero film trailers. The others being The Dark Knight and Spider-man 3 (awesome trailer, shame about the film.)

Here's a link incase anyone's missed it;
YouTube - Iron Man 2 - Official Trailer [HD]

The Whiplash dialogue really sets the tone for the character, I think he's going to be really interesting. Not to mention Scarlett Johansson looking pretty damn hot. It's a little light on Warmachine but I bet they'll keep most of his stuff under wraps.
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I haven't seen the first movie, but I just bought it so I plan to watch it very soon.

But I agree with you the second trailer looks awesome, I think Rourke is going to do a great job in this movie.

I agree with you Scarlett looks amazing in this movie.


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That looks amazing. Just the the ad is funny, sweet action, and it looks really well done.

Downey's still great at playing himself, Rourke looks the part (and sounds great), and if anything Scarlett looks hotter than usual (while still kicking butt and taking names).

And it looks like this movie's going to be full of action.


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I can't wait to see the movie. The only thing I am upset is that Terrence Howard was replaced but as they say, the show must go on.
The movie looks great loved the first one and can't wait for the second. I love the addition of Scarlett Johanson, great eye candy, I just wish they could have kept Terrance Howard like Dragon said I always hate when they switch actors like that.


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Hmmmm Natasha Romanoff... that'll be awesome if they can find some way to tie in the Winter Soldier / Bucky into some of her dialogue in this movie, which would be another awesome hint into The First Avenger movie scheduled for 2011/2012.

I dig they've really embraced the "Iron Man" song from Black Sabbath, soundtracks really help make a movie and one thing the first Iron man did was have a spectacular Sound Track. Just judging this trailer... it looks like the Audio will not disappoint for Iron Man 2.

Looks fantastic, just as expected. I just hope that Raimi sits back and takes some lessons for Spider-Man IV....


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Im excited for the fact War Machine will be in the movie, he's not much of a popular character in the marvel universe but he is one [email protected] fighter and person in general. I'm not too familiar with the bad guy in this movie, but Im sure it'll all work well in the end :)



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Another great trailer Babe, Cheers for the link. This one really fleshes out the characters. I can't wait for this, it has the potential to be a lot deeper than the first.


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I dig that Quick Suit they show at the end.

Simply put... this is my most Anticipated movie of 2010 hands down. The first Iron Man IMO was fantastic. Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark and The fact that he's embraced it so fully just makes me shiver with excitement. I expect Greatness from Iron Man 2 and every trailer so far looks good. But if theres one thing I've learned... you never judge a movie by its trailer :hah: