Iraq War Super Spin-off Thread!

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Gavik, Apr 13, 2007.

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    *Note: Since the 9/11 topic basiclly turned into a debate on the means, ethics, motives and other hippie stuff about the Iraq War, this topic's been created so that the Iraq War can be more thouroghly discussed without hijacking the 9/11 thread. It gets really heavily into the Iraq War stuff on page 4ish.

    Last Iraq Post:
    That's true, but we didn't drop a radioactive bullet fragment and leave.

    DU Weapons Analysis

    Yea, it's so safe we should make baby cribs out of it!

    Don't limit the posts to the beat of the 9/11 discussion or DU, just talk about the war in general.[/FONT]

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    I guess Canada must be a part of the conspiracy, too...


    According to the article the radiation dose of a person living on land contaminated with depleted uranium at 1 ton per square kilometer would receive an additional radiation dose of 1 mrem per year. As a point of comparison, the average person receives 25 mrem per year from naturally occuring radioactive potassium and 7 mrem per year from cooking with natural gas.

    Radiation just isn't a significant danger from depleted uranium. The only danger it could possibly pose would be toxilogical, and there you're probably better off worrying about the exposure to mercury and lead from primer charges.
  3. Gavik

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    And I'd bet that a fair amount of that hit civilian areas.

    The soil was deemed nuclear waste. You know it's bad when it gets to that point.
  4. CMK_Eagle

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    Probably did, but unless the US has been fighting on less than 325 square kilometers the radiation dose will be less than 1 mrem, and therefore far from anything dangerous. Even if every depleted uranium munition had been used in Baghdad (204 square kilometers), the radiation dose would be just 1.6 mrem per year, again far below any sort of dangerous level.

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