Iraq rolling in dough

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by MenInTights, Aug 6, 2008.

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    High oil prices giving Iraq up to $79 billion in surplus cash - International Herald Tribune

    This really gives you a lot of mixed reactions.
    For one thing, its good the the country is stable enough that they are able to bank so much money.
    It also seems its time for them to not only pay their own way, but to payback some of what we've forked out.
    It also makes me wish I had invested in that Iraq currency thing that was all the rage on ebay years ago. Remember that? lol.
    I also hope they follow through with a plan to share that wealth with the citizens. Giving people cash is the quickest way to spur free markets and democracy.

  2. micfranklin

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    Iraq getting rich and we're $10 trillion in debt trying to pay for that war.

  3. MenInTights

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    Iraq resumes oil exploration after 20-year break

    wow- An extra 2.5 million bpd on the market in 5 years! good job.
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    Irony is a total bitch.
  5. soot

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    Why should Iraq pay us for anything?

    Seems to me that regardless of whether or not you approve of or support the war in Iraq you have to, at the very least, acknowledge that our invasion and subsequent occupation were and continue to be 100% unilateral.

    If this is something that was necessary for our national security then it's something wer should be footing the bill for. If this was a gigantic mistake then it's something we should be footing the bill for.

    Either way, Iraq shouldn't owe us one red cent.
    I think the best estimate of the cost of the war in Iraq to date is probably a lot closer to $500 billion.

    The rest of our debt comes from all of the other places we p.iss money away.
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  6. MenInTights

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    Good point.

    I'm not sure about this (I tried to look it up, but gave up after a minute). But I think Kuwait paid for the Gulf War. I also think the administration said that Iraq would pay for the costs of this war. This was said at the very beginning.

    So, true that they don't owe us anything. It was all our doing (good or bad as you said). I hope they realize the sacrifices that were made and act respectfully. But, is their choice.
  7. micfranklin

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    And because of that this is why China will most likely be a superpower within the next 20 years.

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