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iPod, Zune, iPhone, iPhone 3G

Which would win hands down?

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Registered Member
Out of what I heard from these new advances in technology and what not, I need to know, what accessory would win hands down.
iPhone 3G


Problematic Shitlord
iPod Touch wins. Unless you want an expensive phone and plan, get the Phone. The Zune blows chunks like a drunk chick after a forty rack and there's no point of listing the old iPhone next to the newer, better one.


Registered Member
I have the iPhone 3G and I love it sooo much. I've had it for over three months now and I love it as much today as the day that I took it home.

I have found no faults in it - unless you can call a 2mp camera a "fault" and it's just perfect in every way.

I don't think that it's expensive. I paid just under £200 for it and I currently pay £35 per month for 700 any network minutes and 600 texts.

As you can tell, I'm rather smitten with it but if you have any questions please ask! I like to think that I know it pretty well.


New Member
I have had a Ipod for awhile and have taken it around everywhere and I have had no problem with it.
i thought the 3G was the google one at tmobile?


Well-Known Member
I have both the iPhone and an iPod video classic, out of the two I would have to say that the iPhone is more advanced and useful to todays consumers. Such being, the iPhone will let you call people, there is a GPS navigation system on it, you can check the weather and go on the internet with todays 3G network no matter if you're on wifi.

I have seen the Zune, I like how you can transfer songs wirelessly from one Zune to another, but still the iPod wins over the Zune (In my opinion.) But still, the iPhone wins.



Sally Twit
I love my iPod. It fits perfectly in my pocket and has brought me musical pleasure for a long time.