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Ipod touch jailbreak.


Registered Member
I have an i pod touch version 2.2.1, it is 8 gb and used a hell of a lot, now someone was telling me they had done a jailbreak on the one they own, does anyone know what this is as he has offered to do the same with mine.

Is there a chance that it could completly bugger the i pod if I went ahead and let him do this?.
I have no idea what this jailbreak does and would like some info on it.


Epic Gamer
I think it's basically like chipping a PlayStation or unlocking a phone. In the case of the iTouch I think it let's you download everything for free. I'm not sure what effects it has on the iPod. Obviously it's illegal, so I don't know what happens if you get caught. I'd assume they'd block your iPod. You certainly wouldn't be able to send ug into Apple for repair or maintenance, or anything else. If it goes faulty you're basically buggered.

I know that the newer generations of iTouch's aren't compatible, they can't be jailbroken. I don't know how to do it, and I don't want to, but my iTouch is one of the versions that can't be jailbroken.


Do What Thou Wilt
Yeah, it gets all apps for free, and its illegal. if you bring it in to be looked at at the iStore, they have to confiscate it and charge you a fine.


Registered Member
I figured it would be illegal, but its way past its warenty, I was just kind of interested as to what it would change in the way the i pod works.
If is just something to get the apps for free then I would not bother wth it.

I would like to see one of the little ingrates try and take it away from me at the I store, that would be highly ammusing.

Thanks for the help guys.


Registered Member
Theres a website called blackra1n.com

Might pay to check that out. I used it on my 3rd gen it worked. But because mine is third gen it required me to plug it in once i had turned it back on.

Yours being 2nd gen it will work fine and wont require plugging into the computer.

Further information will be found on the website and you can youtube blackra1n vids or find more info on some other sites.



New Member
u guys do now know that apple made jailbreaking legal since last tuesday?
for iphones and ipods you can now jailbreak and downoad apps that arent in the appstore.