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[iPhone] Trouble ending calls


Lately (as in, for the past few months), I've been having a bit of trouble ending calls on my iPhone. I have a reconstructed 3Gs, and I need to touch the little red bar about five times before the phone will hang up. Is anyone else who has an iPhone having this issue?


Creeping On You
Is it a touchscreen? Perhaps its broken? That's apple for ya lol. Being a button you press most often, its likely it got worn out.


Registered Member
Try Settings>General>Reset>Reset network settings. If that doesn't work go to apples support website log in and tech support will call you right away.


Smel - I don't think that's it. There are buttons in the same spot on the phone while in a different screen that work just fine. I only have this issue with this spot on the screen when trying to end a call.

SmilinSilhouette - What will reseting network settings do to the rest of my phone? I have a ton of WiFi passwords saved on here that I really would like to avoid re-doing...

I've posted this same thread on Apple Support. (Apple - Support - Discussions - Trouble ending calls ...)