iPhone Anyone?


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Anyone planning to get an iPhone if it ever comes out?


It's been rumored for the longest time. Basically, it's a cell phone that can store mp3's, (probably 1 gig or so). It can play them through headphones, like the iPod, as well as purchasing and downloading new songs on the go.

If they can make one that stores 60 gigs then maybe I will sell my current 60 gig iBrick and get the phone. Otherwise I'm find downloading from my computer and sending to the iPod. Heck, most of my songs are from my CD's I buy anyway. I am not a big fan of the 128 kbps that iTunes songs come as when purchased.


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I refuse to get an iPod, or anything that interfaces with iTunes. I'm going to wait for the second and third generations and more competition before I even consider one.


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I'm still on the Walkman ... works fine for me and no tedious downloading ... just tedious cataloging of my massive CD collection ;)
haha... i find it interesting that that woman wanted to get a phone so much that she bought a spot in line...but there you have it. im not going to get an iphone, nor do i have an ipod or anything similar. i dont feel the need. i live quite happely with out it, so there is no real urgent reason that i should buy one, especially since i am saving all of my money for college.


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That is pretty funny. I can understand maybe buying a few but everybody knows that with these types of things, especially when you have tons of people waiting in line naitonwide the store is going to limit purchases to one per person.

She was really rude to think that she could buy the first spot in line and then buy all the phones in the store. The #2 person was there almost as long and shouldn't get owned because one jerk wants to make a quick buck. The store definitely played that situation right and I'm sure all of the people who waited in line appreciated the one per person rule.

She got what she deserved and the best part is she lost $800 also. That guy who sold his spot was awesome. Love what he said at the end about her not getting a free phone lol!
haha :lol: nice, andrew. Ya i agree that the whole 'buy a place in line and buy the whole store out' thing is incredibly unfair. as you said, andrew, she deserved what she got. :lol:
you people do know you theres phones simaler to iphones that can go on the internet store pictures and music just the iphone looks nicer and burns a bigger whole in your pocket
I didn't think I'd be impressed by it, but the phone is pretty amazing. My girls latched right onto it and hate giving it back when my husband actually needs to use it. :lol: