iPhone 3GS for $99 without subscribing to a particular service after jailbreaking?


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Let's not talk about iPhone 4 here. I can't seem to figure out the iPhone subscription plan. It's apparently very different in the US than in India.

My question is: Can I buy the iPhone 3GS for $99 in the US and jailbreak it so that I don't have to pay for the 2 years subscription of the carrier? (or at most pay for the month I buy it). US iPhones aren't tied with Indian carriers. Indian iPhones aren't tied to any carriers but they're much more expensive.


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No, it is only $99 in the US because it is subsidized by AT&T
Also, I recently sold my old 16G iPhone 3GS to a friend for $200. It was not jailbroken.
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That's a little much, I'm surprised that they actually paid that much for a used Iphone. You can get cheaper new ones, that are not jailbroken either.


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I asked someone who lives there and you can't. You might do anything you want to that iPhone but you'll have to pay for the service.