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Inyusha thread

Who's your favorite Inuyasha character?

  • Inuyasha

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  • Kagome

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  • Miroku

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  • Sango

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  • Shippou

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  • Sesshoumaru

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  • Kikyo

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  • Naraku

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SS3 Trishendo

Hey this is were u say which is ur fav inyusha chercater saga moive and so on and so on and list ur reasons.
My favorite Character of course is Inyusha and sessourma. They are both cool cause of there demon powers they have and i really like sessourmes posion claws or whip w.e it is called. I like Inyuhsas wind scar,backlash slash and his iron reaver soul stealer.
List ur reasons.
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It's a good series, but, like Naruto, the ammount of fillers just overwhelms and dilutes the series.


InuYasha is awesome. Sesshoumaru is my favorite character, his calm attitude and destructive power is something to be desired.

I liked the one episode where Sesshoumaru totally kick them panther demons arses, that was awesome.


Registered Member
Ya I really like the show except for the fillers which it has way to many of. My favorite character is Sesshoumaru I have liked him since I started watching the show.


If you were holding out, and like the TV series & movies, definitely pick up InuYasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask for PS2.

Perhaps the best of the three games out there, it has a completely original story (supervised and partly written by Rumiko Takahashi), some of the best original animation from the animation team (though not at the same level as the movies, but better than the TV series), and one of the best dubs by original cast I have enjoyed greatly.  The entire dub cast is in rare form, here ... even after 200+ episodes, they are still going strong.

If you can find it, also pick up InuYasha: A Fedual Fairy Tale (PS1), which marries Street Fighter-like fighting with a great story mode and a full dub by the Japanese cast (with subs), made by Dimps Interactive, the crew who also made the DBZ Budokai series.

At all costs, avoid InuYasha: Fedual Combat.  The story mode is really lame in comparison with the other two games, the cast reading is extremely wooden (as if they all objected to the script, but had to do it), and the fighting just gets really boring fast.  Get the other two, but avoid this one like the plague ... it's just not that great.


i never knew about the game but I watched a few episodes of Inuyasha. I also like Sesshoumaru for his silent attitude and his power. The thing about Sesshoumaru that I don't like is that he's one of the bad guys. It's not fair, most cool guys are the bad guys. Anyways... I hate Miroku because he's a pervert and Kagome's just this ordinary girl. Inuyasha's just one big jerk and Sango's... I guess Sango's ok. I don't have a favorite character... ~(-_-)~


inuyasha is ok. its not as good as FMA but good to watch when youre bored.


Inu Yasha is a good series in my opinion. I wish I could say I have seen more of it. From what I have seen I would have to say that Inu Yasha and Kagome are my favorite. They make a funny couple, especially how they can't stand each other and yet they can stand to be apart from the other. I do actually have a fav episode for this, and it would be the episode with the Red and White Priestesses. When they make the paper cut outs of Kagome and Inu Yasha. For this series I also like the different openings and endings throughout each season.


how old is inuyasha exactly cuz i get lots of different awnsers

does anyone here know?? ???


Re: how old is inuyasha exactly cuz i get lots of different awnsers

according to movie 3 inuyasha was born on the night his father died..since his father died 200 yrs. ago that would make inuyasha 200..however if you take out the 50 yrs. he was pinned to the tree, it would make him 'bout 150. although he only looks to be 17 or 18.

another theory was found in animeinsider saying inuyasha's 18 when he was pinned to the tree for 50 yrs. so that would make him 'bout 68

it depends on which source you go by
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