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Awesome Investing


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Since getting married, the wife and I have been careful to set money aside for investing every month.

We aren't at all into stuff like gold, individual stocks, bonds, annuities, or anything like that. We wanted to go for something simple and easy to run that wouldn't panic us or require too much maintenance.

The investing advice that we've chosen to follow is to set at least 15% of your income aside every month and put it into various historically high performing mutual funds. We do this through an investment specialist. Everything goes into a Roth IRA. I also get a match through work for 3% of my income if I invest 3% so some of that is going into a different account. Free money is free money, I won't complain.

Since the markets have totally tanked recently, we have chosen to ride it out and continue investing. It's almost like everything is "on sale". It can be tempting to just go for extra and buy individual stocks but we really don't want to manage that or risk it, diversification is key, we'd rather go for the mutual funds.


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Good job. That's an incredible strategy. Look into S&P Index fund. The maintenance fee should be very low and very few funds can best the S&P Index over 10 years.


not a plastic bag
Being an index fund, you are automatically diversified over 500 stocks. It really has everything you could want.