Investing in the euro???

I'm concerned about the decline of the dollar. My wife is polish and one day we will probably move there. (all her Family lives there) Would it be smart of us to periodically convert our savings (american dollars) to euros and deposit them in a bank back in poland?

Will there be any fees to do this? Is it just a matter of her starting a bank account back in poland and send in deposits? (BEcause we would be depositing dollars would they charge us fees to covert the dollars to euros)

Any information would be helpful. I'm completely in the dark about this. It just seems that the dollar will be going down for some time.


Staff member
If you will live there one day then it can't hurt. I wouldn't worry about it much though. You'd be better off investing your extra money into a good mutual fund for the time being. Those are going up in value faster than the USD and Euros anyway.