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Investing in Precious Gems


Registered Member
I've heard great things about Canadian diamonds. Apparently there are some new mines in the north part of Canada that are coming out with extremely high-quality gems.

I know a little about gold and silver investing, but haven't ever ventured into precious gems like diamonds. Is the market too controlled by bigger interests, or is it possible for an individual to actually make some money in these smaller mines, do you think. Obviously, the risk factor is probably pretty high, but as an analogy, I sure wish I'd bought Microsoft stock when it first came out (too young to do so then anyway but still the wish remains :) ...


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I don't know much about this, but it would seem to me that mines for anything other than oil, gold, or silver would be pretty risky. Diamonds I might see being a possibility, but other gems I wouldn't think would be a good investment.

I took a look at some Canadian diamonds for sale online and they appear to be very good-looking quality (knew a guy in college whose father was a fairly big-time dealer in diamonds). Still, investing in mining of any kind is risky, although they've got some pretty big mines already working and apparently have good indications of more rocks out there.

I'll have to keep this in mind when I get into stock investing .... I think it might be more fun than gold or silver to invest in and the potential profit would be higher if you lucked out.

Sorry I can't offer any advice, but thanks for the info ... didn't know anything more than some vague info from my friend about his dad looking into the Canadian market and remember thinking that was weird, as I thought most diamonds came from South Africa still ... but obviously gemology wasn't my major in college :lol:


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I'll be honest, Diamonds are a great investment if you actually have them yourself. But if you have to invest in it, make sure you know what you're doing. Right now Sunstones are what I'm interested in because I have just barely begun investing.

Diamonds from Canada may be dazzling, but it comes with responsibility. Diamonds from the Arkansas mine aren't as great ranging from yellow diamonds as the most common. But I am going into it with great confidence that thoughit won't make me supremely rich, it's enough to live.