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Invasive lizards threaten turtles, alligators


Free Spirit
Staff member
MIAMI (Reuters) - An invasive lizard first spotted in southern and central Florida about a decade ago has become the latest concern for wildlife officials after the four-foot-long, black-and-white tegu was caught on video stealing alligator and turtle eggs from their nests.

Invasive lizards threaten Florida's turtles, alligators
This could spell the end of turtles and alligators in any area this lizard occupies. They have already seen Burmese Pythons killing alligators and now this lizard is eating their eggs along with turtles. Not just a few eggs but the whole nest.

They first arrived in the early 2000's by pet traders they suspect and now their population has boomed. Florida has so many invasive species I don't know how the indigenous animals are going to survive.

They won't stay in Florida they will end up in any area that they can survive in and I have a feeling that will include the whole of the south.

I really don't know what the laws are when it comes to these species. I think anyone caught trying to bring anything into the US, except for a zoo with permission, should receive a long prison sentence.



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They may need to set up special wildlife reserves to protect the eggs from the lizards and yeah they do need to enforce laws about bringing exotic animals into Florida.
Btw alligators eat turtles so if they are gone then that would help the turtles survive. But alligators also eat Florida panthers, deer, and black bears so they would over-populate in Florida. I wonder if Florida panthers eat lizards...


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't know if panthers eat lizards but these growing to 4 foot would make a good meal for them.

Some neighborhoods in Florida are having bear problems so if the alligators numbers decline that problem will become even bigger.
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