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Religion Intuitive Faith


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Hm, perhaps we should look at our ancestors thousands of years ago, or very isolated, undeveloped cultures today to answer that question.

The idea of monotheism, that there is just one God, is actually a relatively new idea, historically speaking. Some believe even the Jewish people didn't develop monotheism until ca. 700 BC. And even if you take the Bible as a yardstick, Moses lived ca. 1300 BC ... Abraham not *that* much longer before, maybe just a couple of centuries.

More primitive cultures usually don't believe in one God. Often not even in gods at all. But there are many similarities between the faiths of very different primitive cultures all over the world -- from Amazonas indians to native African tribes to Aboriginees in Australia:

They believe that there is a spiritual world behind our world, that there are spirits, that humans have souls and enter the spiritual world when dying. Often, they also believe animals, plants or even stones have a "soul" or at least some kind of spirit. And they feel by certain rituals, you can call or interact with these spirits, like talking with the dead, or ask a totem animal for guidance. You can also transfer the spirit of a person or thing into a thing, be it a stone, a feather or anything of that kind, as long as you use the right ritual.

Perhaps, if we indeed lost all memories of everything we've ever learnt about religion, we'd start at that point again too.

At first, we'd start suspecting that dead objects have a kind of spirit (has any of you ever cursed his computer when it didn't work, as if it was alife? ;) ). And when you witness a close person dying, wouldn't you start imagining that he/she is not just dead, but somehow lives on and has just gone to another place?

I guess that's how spirituality would slowly grow in me, if I had no knowledge of religion anymore at all.