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Hello, everyone please take a minute and intruduce yourself! What kind of hobbies to you have, hold old are you, etc. Just share some interesting things about yourself that will help break the ice!

I think everybody here is sick of hearing about me, so I will let you guys take it from here! :)

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Good Morning! Hi, I am 37 year old married female, with four children and one Grandson who is about to turn one year old! My hobbies include ebay, ebay and ebay, also this site!
Other than those things I enjoy fishing, and anything outdoors! It is great to be here and I am looking forward to meeting lots of nice people in here!
Just a note to say I'm glad that a site like this is available. I think it's great that in a time when the world seems to focus on the negative, that we can step back, have a laugh, enjoy ourselves, and if we're lucky, sell our forehead for ad space @ $37k. New ideas breed creativity and I applaud all the original thinkers who come up with creative, if not goofy, ideas for a laugh and maybe even a profit.


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Afternoon. Hi this is so cool. It's about time someone did this. A little bit about me. I'm 32 year old male ,worked in the toy & comicbook world (R&D).
I also own my own comic & toy shop.

My hobbies are collecting and selling comicbooks,toys and movie props.I also love to Mt.board,longboard,and surf..C-ya arround the forums....
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Im 27 years old, like to find good deals on eBay for videogames and toys. I am a avid Nintendo gamer (spreading my horizions reecently though), and a Star Wars Nut. Basically, I'm a big kid!!

I have 2 children, ages 7 and 5.


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Well, hello everybody, I am a 27 yr., male, I am also a big gamer, love to look thru ebay and find all kinds of deals. I am married also and have a 2 year old daughter.



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I'm 19 and have been "friends" with Andrew for years now. I live in a small town, have a girlfriend, and possibly will have a child soon.


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Introducing Myself

sup my name is mark i just made my first ebay premier and decided to find others and came across this forum so i decided why not try it and say high to everyone


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Re: Introducing Myself

Hello Mark, good to see you here! Welcome.

(I'm gonna add this into the introductions thread so this forums doesn't get filled with individual intros)
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