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Hello everyone :hi:
My name's Ellie, I'm suffering from a horrible case of cabin fever since being injured at work and stuck home for the past week. Still have a minimum of 5 weeks to go before I'm "allowed" to go back to work, so I figured I'd try and find somewhere to occupy some of my time.


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Thank you.
Most of my time is spent working or with my animals (I've got four dogs, four horses, one rabbit and one cat), the rest is divided up between reading, movies, candle making and floral arranging.


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Welcome to the forums Ellie.
Hope you feel better soon. :)
And if you find yourself coming back here after you go back to work, don't worry. It'll just mean that you've become addicted. Oh, and there's no cure as of yet.


Hi Ellie,
welcome to the forum :)
you love animals? so do i ! especially dogs!
is Ellie your first and only name? mine is Elida but friends call me Elly. lol.

c u around.


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Welcome to the forums Elle, you found the right place to occupy your time, because there's a lot of different subjects you can discuss about here at GF. It seems like your an interesting person so it will be a pleasure reading your post.


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Thanks everyone!
To answer questions, I'm mostly into true crime, sci-fi, thriller and horror books, but I'll read anything that's laying around.
Candle making is mostly just a hobby. They make great gifts and I also burn a lot of candles. I've been asked to make large orders and haven't refused them yet.
I was born Elizabeth. I've been a tomboy my whole life and went by Eli, until a professor in my freshman year read Eli as Ellie, and it stuck. It's a good name lol.