Introduction of ID cards in the UK

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Nixola, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Nixola

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    I'm not sure if this has been done on the forum before. But I'm doing a report on the introduction of id cards in the uk for college and i was wanting to know what other people think (from the Uk or anywhere else in the world) all opinions are listened to.

    I am aware that some countries already have ID cards and they seem to work pretty well :nod: but for some reason there is contraversy with them, just like everything else in, the uk :-/
    Can anyone tell me if the US have an ID card system? im not too sure about that one. my teacher for the subject im doing the report for is polish and she has an ID card.
    Another point to make would be the expense of the scheme, one disadvantage of it. but that makes me think if other countries can have ID cards and deal with the expense of making them then why cant britian, a wealthy country, deal with it?? then of course there the topic of cards being forged, and people being able to get a hold of your personal details much more easily

    So what's everyones view on this subject? if you come from a country that has ID cards, maybe you have experiences of that? or do you think they are a good idea after seeing them in use in your country...?

  2. ysabel

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    For college? Is that like a school card?

    We have national ID cards here. They're free and valid for 10 yrs. It's very useful for administrative tasks (even financial transactions) and we use it for traveling within the EU - instead of applying for a passport that costs. I don't remember anymore if they took fingerprints for it; it's a long time I got mine. The card itself has your picture, DOB, address and whoever issued it. I know there are plans of making it biometric (or whatever you call that).

    Here, it's obligatory to be able to justify your identity especially when you get out of the house. If you cannot produce proof, you may be subject for more questioning by whoever is doing a random control (maybe even at a police station). It's also for safety purposes in case an accident happens to you. However it doesn't mean that having the ID card is mandatory. For example other things are valid like: livret famille, passport, driver's license, carte de sejour (residence ID card for nonFrench nationals), etc.
  3. Nixola

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    no, its a report im doing FOR college of introduction of ID cards to the UK
    I think they would be quite good, as you said they are useful if u need to identify yourself or if you have an accident. The government in the UK estimated that the scheme would cost like £92 million i think it was :-/ might be wrong. if they were free i think people would be more in favour for them :D
  4. Pugz

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    I heard they were going to make ID cards that also had your finger print on them or something stupid like that.

    I have my drivers license, it's ID enough.
  5. pro2A

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    Each state issues it's own state ID or drivers license. They are accepted as ID nation wide, but aren't federally (or state) mandated. As of yet we don't have a national (Real) ID card. A lot of people oppose this (including myself) as it would open a whole new can of worms allowing federal government to stomp on the people more.

    Ron Paul (R-TX) Believes what I do.

    YouTube - Ron Paul rejecting the Real ID (nat'l ID card)
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  6. Altanzitarron

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    I'm a bit torn on this one, I can see the benefits of introducing this system but it seems to be adding to an already paranoid public state of mind that everyone is up to no good. With that said most people already have ID on them at all times via a Driving license so if it does get introduced I can't imagine it would make much difference.
  7. ysabel

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    They're linking the proposed new version of the card (biometric) to safety. I'm not sure whether they passed it already but I heard that if we move to that, we might start paying for the ID card because it's too costly (the price of national security :hah:). I think that in the UK, this biometric card is what you'll have. We've only started doing that with passports recently; those with old version passports cannot go to the US, for example, without a visa.
  8. Nixola

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    i think my drivers licence is ID enough seems to do the trick anyway lol
  9. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    My concern is that it will intrude into your life more. So we have a real ID... before you know it you'll need an ID to do anything. What happens when the government says well "Your ID is not valid anymore because XYZ is illegal now"? They basically could control your life by threatening to take your ID rendering you unable to do anything in life.

    It opens a whole can of worms that people don't think of. They become puppets of the government. I think a state ID/Drivers License is bad enough, but at least it is not required to have one.
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  10. Nixola

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    In some countires it is complusory to have one

    i think in pakistan it is.....but im not too sure, and if you cant prove your idea to the police if they do random check you can get done for not having ID on you

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