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Introducing the Motus MST-R American Sport Tourer


Do What Thou Wilt
Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Motus Motor Cycles set out to design a one of a kind monster. They birthed the American Sport Tourer. Fairly lightweight, sporty handling, cross country comfort, and a hardcore motor, were the basis for this beast. What emerged from their work is the Motus MST-R. Weighing in at 530lbs (none too shabby for a touring bike), and packing a 160HP, 115lb-ft 1.6l OHV V4, they have done what they set out to do. They expect to release this beast upon the public in a year or so, and have been posting showing prototypes for several months now. I think this is a bike to look forward to.
Motus American Sport Tour 2011 - California - YouTube
Who doesn't love that exhaust note?


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Awesome:) Combination of Sports and touring vehicle i believe:) What I have observed in touring vehicle is that the wheel radius is small, in this case its radius is bigger like sport bike.