Introducing: "From the Depths!" Classic Game Reviews


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Hello FC community, your friendly neighborhood super moderator Constantine here, and I've got some gaming goodness for you! Every few days (which really means, as often as I can) I will post reviews of old and/or classic games that every gamer should play or at least know of. I decided to do this seeing as there are thousands of people brought into the gaming world each day and so many are uneducated on the truly great games!

Feel free to chime in with your own reviews afterwards

Week 1: The Beginning


Release date: December 10th, 1993
Genre: First Person Shooter/Horror

You're a space marine trapped on your base as it slowly fills with hell spawn and creatures of nightmare after a scientific experiment went horribly wrong. Lock and load!

The Tall and Short of Doom:
Simply put, if you've never played Doom, you're not a gamer. Voted as the Best Game of All Time in 2004 by industry insiders, Doom revolutionized gaming and the FPS genre. It's dated graphics don't take away from the scare as much as you'd think either!

Anyone who has played Doom knows of the true horror the game gave you as a kid. It's tight corners, vicious enemies, and blood letting weapons made the game a blast and a fright at the same time.

Rating: Perfect
Doom is what it means to create the perfect game. Yes it is dated but it still remains as the standard for FPS games. Not Halo, not Half-Life, not Quake, Doom is the game that set the bar and then jumped over it. If you do not own this game in some form and think that you're a gamer, you're not.

You're a virgin.