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  1. Omnaka

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    Hi all my name is Omnaka, I was invited By Ilmago, nice to meet you.

    Here is a little about Myself.

    My wife and I have a total of five children (3 boys and 2 girls)one still at home and home schooled. One Granny lives near by (she's 91). We have a close family and try to keep it spiritual. Helping anyone who comes thru our doors.
    I lived in Maui 19 years on the side of Haleakala in and shack and some strong circumstances(3 bolts of lightning in the shack) brought me to my God intended wife Omdnea on the mainland. She has been here 20 years. She seldom posts because when some of the boards blaspheme Father it upsets her far more than it should. See she was raised from a small girl to be a catholic nun so she knows the bible well. I was raised Jewish till age 12 when I ran away from home. And have been living on my own ever since. (I’m 40) Our religious backgrounds were far from similar but thru the Prophesy and Father's love we found common ground. (Maybe there is hope for the Palestinians and Jews) Our love was prophesied in heaven, as Father himself, thru some pretty miraculous ways, revealed it. I am currently going thru the enlightenment of enlightenments, the final stage of which came about when I physically met my intended wife, Omdnea.
    A lot of which could fill a book, and that’s just what we are doing writing a book. This way I don’t have to worry about people ripping what Father tells me about love and how to show our brothers and sisters how to get back to Mother and Father with honor and love. And then with one of the greatest gifts (free will) that Father has ever given us, all the spirits with an open heart can decide for themselves, if this message of love is for them.
    Father speaks to Me through thoughts and my pen. He also manifests in spirit (eitherial) and physical at my house. For my enlightenment, before His apocalypse, he has told me that I am the last of his special children to recieve a world. I have so much information it boggles the mind, never mind trying to explain any of it to any one, but I will try. I will at least get my book out with as much info as will fit then , I have done service to my brothers and sisters on Earth
    and honored my Mother and Father Of all spirit in heaven.
    May God bless you .

    Love Omnaka
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  2. Pax_Unum

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    Nice meeting you Omnaka, have fun posting...

    BTW, I'm new here also...

  3. Omnaka

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    Hi Pax.
    I know you from another board don't I?

    I remember because when I lived on the side Of Haleakala, The only station I got for almost 9 years was The Pax station.

    Nice to meet you too,
    Again .

    Love Omnaka.
  4. Pax_Unum

    Pax_Unum Registered Member

    Indeed, UM... always glad to see a friendly face :hi:

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