Into the Raw: Part 1


Certified Shitlord
Okay so I've decided to start a bit of a writing project to get my creative juices flowing more than they have lately. I've been feeling dry in terms of creativity so I'm going to try and rejuvenate myself.


The dim hallway smelled like copper, almost like blood as Alex walked slowly towards the large metal door adorned with a large wheel much like vault. Alex flipped open a small hidden control panel next to the door that read, "4/21/59 3:40 PM" and punched in a series of numbers. A few pleasant clicks prompted him to place his hands firmly on the wheel and turn. Machinery could be heard within the door as a symphony of gears and metallic clangs serenaded him.

The door lurched open, revealing a bright living area. It was a modest size for an underground home. The living room had one of those rear projection HDTVs and a sofa in the right hand corner and two large bookshelves against the left wall. Alex took the knapsack off his back and hung it on a coat rack next to the heavy metal door which he closed and locked.

The lights were painful to his eyes, so he dimmed them slightly. He had been working in his lab for the past four hours so he was not ready for this change. He strode across the room to another door, this one made of wood like any normal home. The kitchen was small, just enough space to store and cook the scarce amounts of food Alex could find. At the other end of the kitchen was the bathroom, his next destination. He entered and turned the faucet on immediately. The cool rushing water made his handles tremble as he cupped water into his palms and splashed it into his face. He felt the blood rush into his veins as if his face had been sleeping, a feeling like cool ice swimming under his skin. Not painful, but cold enough to wake him.

He stared into the mirror, observing his stubble amidst his pale white skin. His face was thin much like the rest of his body, he couldn't find much good food anymore, all that was left were vending machines and canned goods. His hair was thick and curly, dipping just below his ears. It didn't seem to want to grow anymore. Living underground was Alex's only option after the experiments. Yet despite this lack of sunlight, he looked surprisingly healthy and young. For someone sixty six years old, Alex didn't look a day beyond twenty. His skin was still smooth, his muscles still functioning and growing when he managed to exercise. Alex ran his finger across his right temple, feeling the divet in his skin, the scar from his time at Freeman Medical Center.

Forty four years ago, Alex was twenty three and fresh out of college. He needed cash to put down a deposit on an apartment so he took out an ad in the people advertising a medical study that paid ten thousand to men between the ages of eighteen and twenty four for a two week stay at a medical institution to try out new "Energy Drinks and Formulas". A month after his stay, all but six applicants including himself were dead and the earth was engaged in full out nuclear warfare.


(More will be added, I have class so I don't want to lose this so I'll just post it now. Early thoughts are welcome, but there will be more soon! Soon as in a few days)