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Sally Twit
Are you confident and calm when you have an interview, or do you get really nervous?
I know everyone would feel a little nervous, but some people find it much harder than others to keep cool.

I always get clammy hands and butterflies in my stomach before an interview. And no matter how much I read up on their company, I still forget the little speech I prepare for them. You're always asked how much you know about their company so I always try and learn a little speech to say. I practice it over and over until I get through the day. But I still get too nervous and forget most of it.


Lion Rampant
I have sucked at interviews all my life. I can't sell myself for shit, or really sell anything, if I can't be my usual off-the-wall self. One time a prospective employer asked me to tell him a little bit about my background and I said, "I was born a poor black child." I don't know whether or not he had ever seen The Jerk, but he didn't laugh a bit.


Generally, I'm a nervous person when I have an important appointment.
So obviously, in my job interviews I've never been calm.
My nervousness affects my answers and my attitude. There are times when I'm not able to give my best just because of how I feel.


Registered Member
I think I'm way TOO comfortable. In them I talk as though I've known them forever and it ends up more like a conversation rather than a performance. Clearly I'm not working to "impress" and sometimes I wonder if they don't like it. For the last ten years I've been frivolous in my attempts to find a job. It's because I know that I still have a couple clients that will intermittently use my services and having occassional work is enough financially. That might be what underlies my cavalier behavior. Now though, I need regular work (since husband is unemployed) and it's more important that I be competitive. Yet, I'm stuck in my ways and find I still go in with a "you-get-what-you-see" attitude.


Registered Member
I haven't been in one in so long, I honestly can't remember. But I'm sure I was nervous, and like Shel, I talk a lot.


Registered Member
I am never nervous at interviews..I know that sounds a bit "up myself", but I am not...if anything, I muck it all up by talking too much and my future boss can't wait to kick my butt out of the door.


Registered Member
I haven't been in one in so long, I honestly can't remember. But I'm sure I was nervous, and like Shel, I talk a lot.
It's not really that I "talk a lot". I am too casual rather than having an attitude of formality. Sometimes I wonder if it plays against me.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
It depends on what I'm being interviewed. If it's my field, I'm usually calm. If it's something new to me, then I get nervous about having to prove my worth and all that hoops we have to go through just to get employed (especially if I have bad interviewers).


I ♥ Haters
I'm surprisingly never nervous when going in for a job interview. 7 times outta 10, I always nail a job interview and that's probably because I study business management, so I know what to expect when I'm being interviewed. And I think ysa already pointed it out but it really depends on who's interviewing you too. I don't get nervous unless my interviewer is intimidating, and I don't mean Brock Lesnar intimidating, more along the lines of someone with a really dominating attitude. Can't speak for anyone else, but in my case, that's never a good vibe.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The worst part of an interview for me is thinking about it and leading up to it. Usually once I get in there and get going I don't have any problems at all. It's the anticipation that is toughest for me.

It's the same for me when I am public speaking. I am fine once I get going but sitting there and waiting sucks the most.