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Interviewing coaches that still have a job?


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This comes up because teams want to interview the 49'ers OC and Ken Wisenhunt while both of their teams are still participating in the playoffs. These men have a job with another team. They're getting paid to do a job. I feel as if these people should be worrying about their own teams and not disrespecting them by interviewing to jump ship just a few days before the most important game of their season so far.

Redskins never bothered canceling interviews after Gruden deal | ProFootballTalk

One of the reasons I don't like it is detailed above. The Skins hired Jay Griden and didn't cancel their interviews with the 49'ers coordinators. That means they wasted their time coming to Washington instead of getting to practice.
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I don't like it. I think coaches should be contractually obligated to finish out the season with their current team before accepting any interviews for new jobs. I also think the other teams should show some professional courtesy by not going after guys who are still coaching their teams in the playoffs. This happens really frequently in college football right around bowl season. Oftentimes it affects the teams playing in the BCS games when one of the coordinators accepts a head coaching job elsewhere.


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Yep, I agree. If they have contracts and their seasons aren't over then they shouldn't be allowed to be interviewed.

Sounds like tampering to me.