Interview w/ Batista (credit IGN)

Batista Interview
Sure he can outmuscle Superman, but how far can he throw Little Bastard?
by Jon Robinson

September 22, 2006 - If Batista stands in the middle of the ring and picks up Little Bastard, how far do you think he could chuck him? I know, it's a smart ass question, but seriously, how far do you think he could throw him? Second row? Fifth? Popcorn stand?

"I think if I gave him a good chuck, he would hit the wall and stop," Batista laughs as he imagines the art of the Leprechaun toss. "There's no telling, I did shot put in high school and had pretty good distance."

Batista will get that chance live on pay-per-view in a few weeks as he prepares to battle Finlay in what promises to deliver, not only some brutal beatdowns, but maybe the first ever Little Bastard flight.

Before the pay-per-view, Batista has been busy promoting the new home of WWE Smackdown, the CW. Here's what the big man had to say as he talked Superman, Lashley, and The King.

IGN Sports: Is it a sign of WWE's growing popularity that Smackdown is seen as a flagship show for the new network?

Batista: Absolutely, and I think we have been for a while on the network we were on. But in kicking off this new network, and taking the best of the best from both networks, UPN and WB, and throwing them together for CW, I think with Smackdown leading the way, it says tons because there are some good quality shows…one of them being Smallville, which I will be appearing on.

IGN Sports: Do you know what role you're going to play?

Batista: I don't know the details yet, but I'm really honored to be on the show. I'm a big superhero buff, so I'm really excited about that. It's also going to give me the chance to really branch out, reach out, and maybe reach some viewers that we don't already have. I'm hoping they'll want to check out Smackdown because of my appearance on that show.

IGN Sports: Don't you think the actor who plays Superman is going to be a little intimidated when you role in at twice the size?

Batista: Of course he's going to be intimidated. [laughs]

IGN Sports: How do you feel about not just being a wrestler, but your role evolving into a pop icon?

Batista: Man, I've never even thought about that. It's weird to even think about. I'm really just a kid at heart. That's what makes Smallville special. I'm a big superhero buff, and it's one of those things where I'm getting to live out my fantasy on the show, same with being in the wrestling ring. I'm imagining I'm going to be some kind of villain in the show, and to go up against Superman, there isn't a whole lot that's cooler than that.

IGN Sports: You're finally back to full strength in the ring. How frustrating was it for you to sit out with your injury for so long?

Batista: It was torture. Absolutely brutal. It's one thing to leave the business on your own terms, but to actually be forced out, especially when you're on top, it's just heartbreaking. I was actually ready to come back about a month, month and a half before I actually made my comeback, but it was just a matter of timing. So I really had to sit there for over a month, ready to come back, but just sitting there waiting. Smackdown is my heart, man. These fans, that is why I do this, the fans, the adrenaline rush, so to sit there and watch the show on TV, it was brutal.

IGN Sports: You said Smackdown is your heart, and it's funny, because when you left Raw for Smackdown, you seemed disappointed. But now, a lot of people actually think Smackdown is the better overall show. Would you agree?

Batista: It's really a tossup. You can make a case for either side. To say that Smackdown's better, I'd like to think so just out of pride, but then you're taking away from Triple H, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels, and how could you do that. Those guys are incredible. I'd give my right arm to have them on Smackdown. Knowing my luck, they'd come to Smackdown, I'd go back to Raw. [laughs] It just shows how strong our company is, we have a wealth of talent.

IGN Sports: They've teamed you up with Lashley a lot lately. What type of potential do you see from him?

Batista: He has unlimited potential. I don't think people have even seen the tip of the iceberg so far. You've seen him, he looks like a world champion. He's still getting his legs under him in the ring, finding his comfort zone, but he's going to be unstoppable. He's in that Randy Orton category. He's just got a big, big future. I think not too long from now, he's going to be the guy who leads us into the future. I believe the same for Randy Orton leading Raw into the future. What a talent that guy is.

IGN Sports: Who is stronger, you or Lashley? Ever compete with him in the gym?

Batista: Not at all, I wouldn't even bother. I'd let him go ahead and kill himself with the heavy weights and I'd be off somewhere in the gym chasing the hot girl. [laughs]

IGN Sports: You're going to face Finlay at the next pay-per-view. Is he one of the more underrated tough guys in the history of this business?

Batista: He is and it's legit. Fin loves to fight. We know that about him, we've always known it, and it's his passion. He's just a tough Irishman, and there's more than meets the eye with Fit. He's a tough, tough guy, but he's also a lot stronger, a lot faster, and a lot more athletic than he appears. He gave me a good beating a couple of weeks ago, and that means one thing, he's got a receipt coming. There's always a payoff when it comes to me. Somebody's always got to take an ass whuppin' and unfortunately for Fit, he's got one coming. [laughs] I would never take Fit Finlay lightly on the street. He's one tough SOB.

IGN Sports: Your other big rivalry on the show is with the champ, King Booker. Did you guys actually get into a real fight at a commercial shoot a few months back?

Batista: Yeah, we did.

IGN Sports: When real feelings get involved in a storyline, does that make for a better match?

Batista: It could work either way with that. I think in this case, with me and Booker, we had a personal disagreement and we…well, we handled it. [laughs] Since then, we made amends and I think we both earned mutual respect, and that's what we take into the locker room with us. We bring that professionalism and our respect, and we leave it there. Our feelings outside the business, we keep to ourselves and we make it work professionally for the fans.

IGN Sports: A lot of times that drives even more emotion as the fans know what happened and really get hyped up for the match even more.

Batista: The fans may read into it a little more than Booker and I do, but I think we have the same goal, and that's to give the fans a good match. If you carry your personal differences to the ring with you, it might take away from that because you have to remember, this is entertainment and we do have to work together in there. I think both of us are so professional that neither one of us would ever take liberties with each other. We both have families to feed and we would never dare hurt one another and take away from that.