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Interracial couple can't get married ?!


That's the most ridiculous thing i've ever read in my entire life ...

Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License By Louisiana Justice Of The Peace

some of the highlights
A Louisiana justice of the peace said he refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple might have.
Bardwell, justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, says it is his experience that most interracial marriages do not last long......
..."I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way," Bardwell told the Associated Press on Thursday......
If he did an interracial marriage for one couple, he must do the same for all, he said.

"I try to treat everyone equally," he said.

Bardwell estimates that he has refused to marry about four couples during his career, all in the past 2 1/2 years.




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His reasoning is that an interracial couples kids end up being messed up or whatever in the long run. I was reading about this yesterday and it was stupid. I'm sure they can find somewhere else to get married in town.


Son of Liberty
He's unable to refuse to do so legally. Someone should read Loving v. Va. to him, since it appears he's unable to read it to himself.


Well everyone in the state is calling for him to resign.
I'm surprised Bradwell hasn't made a statement yet. Apparently he's been doing it for years.


Secret Agent
Staff member
100% ridiculous. He needs to apologize and then step down, especially if he's been doing this for years. I'm surprised he hasn't been challenged and burned on this in the past.


Survived a M&G with Trent
This is so sick. Why is he not fired? Isn't this illegal?


He's done it to other couples, he usually just recommends another justice. In this case the couple called his house and dude's wife said he doesn't do interracial marriages because he's worried about the challenges the children face.

I'm wondering if its never been explained before and people just figured he was too busy to sign it.


Son of Liberty
This is so sick. Why is he not fired? Isn't this illegal?
He holds an elected office so he needs to be impeached, or maybe the Parish needs to have a vote of no confidence and have him removed. Yes it's illegal to deny them a license to marry,


What a bunch of horse shit. As others have said, this is not lawful in any way. I'm surprised he hasn't been caught on this before now.