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Have you ever done an internship of any sort? Was it paid or unpaid?

Would you recommend the experience? I might have the opportunity to do one soon in the 3D field so I'm thinking it over.


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I had 2 internships. They were both positive experiences.

You get paid, you get to do work, and you aren't held accountable for much since "you are just an intern."


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I'm doing an internship right now.
Not being paid, not considered an employee, no insurance, no nothing. Not accurate, they give me a free lunch.
I'm doing an internship in the sheraton plaza hotel for my patisserie(baking) course. They are doing me a favour letting me do anything there, and anything that I do there is my responsibility alone. Because they are a such a grand hotel they don't want any blame for any mishaps that I might do, etc. etc.
Why am I doing it? Because I plan to make this a business from home and any experience I can get, I'll take.

I did another internship, teaching 3d animation. I did it for a whole school year, I did get paid and having done that I got a teaching certificate. It was good experience, and if I ever need to revert to teaching at least I've completed the internship.

In any case Hybrix, it is well worth doing an internship, it gives you experince even if you don't get paid, it is worth the while!