Internet Radio stations


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Hi all

How many of you listen to Internet Radio stations? I was looking into doing my own and was wondering if any of you have looked into this?

It seems like it could be a bit of fun and a good way to make some side cash if my station goes big. So have any of you given this kind of thing (Internet Radio stations) a thought or try. If you have what was your experience like?

I was thinking of covering all kinds of music or should I keep it to the same musical format like rock, techno, Dance etc...

This is my first time ever doing something like this and your input or ideas would be great.

So what are you experiences with internet radio and have you ever tried something like this?
I actually did this myself a couple of years back but it was mainly just for some buddies and I to listen to while we chatted. I used winamp and shoutcast, which worked great for me (though I had some router port issues iirc that took a while to figure out). I'm not sure it's still the best option but one to look into. I'm almost certain you could list your station in a public directory and passerbys could jump in. Easy for friends to listen in on too. There may have been a user limit with them though, I'm not sure.

All the big ones I know of have come from a proper community though, website et al. That's not to say you couldn't build one up if you're active and 'professional' though. Good luck if you do try! :)


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One of my friends used to run his own until they all graduated high school and went off to college in there separate ways and now they all work. I listen to The Buzz 181.FM personally now.