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Internet Explorer vs Firefox


Registered Member
Okay, there are loads of web browsers out there, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, are just two of them, but these two stand out from the rest. Google Chrome may boast about quicker connection, but I never really noticed, and could never really make sense of the interface. Also, with any OS less than Vista, the OS couldn't cope with running full-screen flash videos.

Internet Explorer is a good browser, no doubt, and has some good points, however I am concerned about its security.

Firefox is also good, it has a great download manager, which is useful for downloading music and other files, but it has a strange tendancy to refuse to install Adobe Flash Player.

Let the debate begin!


Registered Member
Both and all have good points and flaws. No one can force you what to do, they can only suggest.

I myself use Chrome. It has many things the same as FireFox. For me, it has a slimmer look to it. Quicker connection? I never noticed. Chrome has add-ons as well. I agree, nothing like FireFox has, but nothing I really need when browsing on the net. It is somewhat memory hogging, but what browser isn't when you have 10 tabs opened?

IE has advanced much since IE6. It does not have the customability as the others have. It is really as secure as your computer is, antivirus, firewall, flyswatters.


New Member
I would vote For FireFox ..!!!! No doubt

let me tell u the advantages: Fully customizable, themes, Fast (if u do firefox speed tweaks its even faster), Millions of ADDons, above all it is a Free Open Source.

U said IE doesnt hav security... i say the Best security is provided by the latest IE8, on security wise, Firefox is the last.

Chrome is Sleak. thats all i cam think about it :)