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Internet Explorer vs. Firefox vs. Safari


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Some of you probably have a clear winner. Each browser has been created for specific purposes other than browsing the internet. Personally I think Safari does the job.

Internet explorer is the oldest. However, the interface has never really changed. It's a little basic and sometimes slow. Internet explorer is basic because it's nothing all that special. Windows generally just wanted a browser to connect points A and B.

Firefox is customizable with add ons and themes. It's faster than internet explorer but I've known firefox to crash a lot more than the other two browsers. I believe Mozilla created Firefox as an attempt to change the way we surf. I do think they failed though as the themes available alone are too overdone.

Safari has recently been my favourite as it's simple and stylish. One thing I like about using Safari is the top sites panel view. It enables you to see your most visited sites in a grid. It's not overdone in design, everything is where you need it as well as easy to locate.

That's just my opinion. What do you think?


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I don't know how you say that Firefox crashes more than IE. I've been using FF for more than a year now, and I cannot recall a single crash. I switched over from IE, because for me, IE would crash 6x a day.

I have seen someone posting around here about FF having a supposed memory leak, but I have no idea what that's about either.


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I think that you forgot Opera and Google Chrome.


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I've only ever used IE and FF. Foxy rules.

I don't even bother with add-ons and that, but I do love that it's so customizable and looks very clean when you get rid of all the crap you don't want up the top. It doesn't crash for me, either, and it couldn't be easier to use.


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I like Chrome. It took some getting used to, but it stays out of my face when I'm browsing the internet, more than any other browser.


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I've tried IE, Firefox and Chrome. Couldn't stand the first two. IE wouldn't work when I tried to update and Firefox made my computer crash but I absolutely love Chrome.


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I've used IE, Firefox, Chome, Opera, and Safari. From best to worst:



yellow 4!
Hmm, Chrome seems like the marmite of browsers. I kind of want to try it cause I love Google, but if FF ain't broke then....no point really.


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I love using FF. For me I switched from IE because there were way less pop-ups even when using the so called pop up blocker from IE there would still be ones that slipped through the cracks. Also for my school we do a lot of things over the internet and the speed and accuracy witch FF operates is just way more streamlined than IE. FF also has it's share of hiccups, but there really not related to the browsing experience.


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All Have given me problems. Firefox seems to lag my laptop and internet freezes. Luckily i found refuge in Opera. Opera is my favourite, closely followed by google chrome, which in my opinion is the fastest browser ever :D