Internet Explorer and 2 network connections


Firstly some background..
I used to have my net connection through a PCI wireless card to an access point i shared with 6 friends. I now have ADSL through ethernet to a router and have both networks stillactive, i use the ADSL for net surfing, and the wireless connection for chatting/gaming on the WLAN.

So heres the problem...
Every now and then Internet Explorer tries to default to the OLD connection for its net. this old connection is slow and the bandwidth is limited.

How can i tell Internet Explorer to only use ONE connection and not the other? i dont want to disable the WLAN as my friends are always chatting/gaming and i dont want to miss out.

Thanks in advance for your replies


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get rid of internet explorer and get firefox, it's much better.

plus firefox only does stuff that you tell it to do so the connection will stay on whatever you select.

but if you don't want to switch to firefox then you are going to have to mess around in internt options, which can be found in control panel.
Have tried Firefox, but had compatability issues with some websites i use regularly.

There are no options to change on properties nor on the conrol panel, i was hoping for a more advanced response, ie a registry adjustment or something to change in the host file


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another thing to try would be to install internet explorer again in a different location so that windows doesn't automatically connect it to whatever is there because only the default internet explorer file is helped by windows to get a connection.

what operating system do you use?
Have spoken to several other forum tech engineers and currently there is no way to limit any internet conenction in XP other thatn disabling the whole connection or blocking ports and access with a firewall. but in doing so i would lose all the access and use of the secondary network..

Microsoft need a stick up there butt to put a simple tick box on network connection properties that simply says "use this connection for internet"


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have you considered having a main hub and then running the network and the internet connection off of the same connection?

that would be the smart thing to do.

you can run all of the network connections in your house to a small inexpensive box and connect to the internet through that so you'll have an internet connection and network connection running through the same thing and you won't lose any speed.

it doesn't cost that much.

respond back if you're interested in learning how to do this.
no that wouldnt work... the wireless AP that acts as my second LAN (through wifi PCI card) connects 6 other houses (some up to 1/2 mile away) to the internet.
I cannot change their network.

I used to use that connection for net, but grew tired of the bottleneck of 7 houses using the same connection (very slow) thats why i had to fork out the ridiculous cost of putting in a landline. but i still use the wireless AP for gaming as it provides an extremely fast LAN between our houses (~4000kbs), trouble is. Internet Explorer keeps pointing back to the AP for its net everytime traffic is high on our WLAN. and ignores my superfast ADSL.
I know this is an old post but I got a solution for you :). Assuming you and you're friends are using DHCP on the WLAN. What you can do is set your IP address manually on your WLAN card and LEAVE OUT the default gateway settings. This way, IE will always have to use your own ADSL connection. :D