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Internet Explorer 7 Pros and Cons (IE7)


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I've been using IE7 for a few days now (I still use FireFox primarily) and have a few comments on it so far.

Some pros I have found are:

Tabbed browsing - an obvious must in this multitasking day and age..

Better "Crashing" handling - I've noticed that when IE crashes and needs to close, it doesn't close every IE window I have open (ok so I don't use tabs exclusively ;)) but my remaining windows are left open. This is really nice.

Better look graphically - I can tell IE7 will be stock with Vista. It has that crisp Web 2.0 feel to it.

Some cons I have found are:

Crashes more often than IE6 - I have noticed IE crashes a lot more often than it did before I upgraded.. This is probably due to being in BETA still and hopefully will not remain a reason to not use it.

Slower page loading - Again, I don't know what changed in the backend, but it takes at least a second of loading before my homepage comes up when I open IE. I use Google as my homepage and it opens lightning fast in FireFox and IE6. I doubt this is just an issue on my end.

Confusing button and controls layout - Nobody once complained about the location of the refresh button.. Why would they move it? I don't know. Even worse, why would unlocking the toolbars NOT let me move the buttons around? I don't know.. but that makes me mad.

No built in support for plugins or skins - Come on Microsoft.. This is one of FireFox's biggest draws. Give us easy skinning!


So, if you are considering upgrading to IE7, I certainly guarantee that you give it a try. Don't take my word for it, but at least keep my thoughts in mind when you run across similar issues.

I am NOT impressed with IE7 overall, and right now the only reason I have it is to make sure my websites are cross browser compatible.

So, will I use IE7 or continue using FireFox? Well, considering I can't think of a list of cons for FireFox, I'll stick with it for now. IE still has a long way to go before it will get my vote.

Anyone else have any thoughts on IE7? Feel free to share. :)


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I don't like how opening a new tab opens your homepage rather than blipping the cursor to the address bar. I open new tabs to open new pages, not my home page.


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Though IE7 is out, but I will suggest either Firefox or Opera for having a better, safer and easier browsing experience. There are so many add-ons in Firefox/ Opera that you will like to use them more and more. In Opera they have added RSS Feed support with a notification and also support for e-mail client is also there.


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My only problem with the tabs in IE7, is the fact that I cannot get to them easily. I like how easy it is to get all my work sites in a row tabbed. But I can't use ctrl/tab to get around and just hate being reliant on the mouse


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:cool: hi....
can i use the third party of the operating system windows xp service pack 2,then i need to upgrade my internet explore 6 to 7


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Well, I'd heard there were things about IE7 that weren't great. Thanks for letting us know what they are. I, too, am a diehard Firefox fan.

Have you noticed many parsing differences between IE6 and IE7? I check my websites in IE6 but I'd really rather not have to install IE7 yet if I can avoid it. Does IE7 seem to show sites the same as IE6 (other than the slowness)?


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Thanks for the info on IE7. I use it, and apart from tabbed browsing, its like a step back from IE6
MY advice: just use the new firefox, with ie tab option, for those sites that only use IE.


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I am a Firefox user as I love tabbed browsing. I still prefer it to IE7 - I hate the way favorites work under IE 7, the interface is bad.