Internet down at Work


Son of Liberty
Ugh this stupid internet at the office is down for the 2nd day in a row!

its funny cause I'm sure the first thing people are thinking is "oh thats to bad icegoat, well now you can try actually working!" but alas, I cant! Its surprising how much my actual job is tied in to the using the internet. When the net goes down, I actually have next to nothing to do!

So how about you, are any of you or the companies you work for affected by a loss of internet access?


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If our internet is down, there is nothing that I could possibly do except for filing.

Our entire company is run on our intra webs.


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Pretty much anything I do at work is attached to the internet somehow, including wasting my boss' time looking round here.

Yesterday the net at work went down, and it was pay day. I had to walk to an actual bank and pay everyone rather than do it online. Then I had to occupy myself for afew hours playing solataire and hearts until it came back on...I didn't realise how much I relied on the net at work til yesterday...funny that


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When I was working in the computer lab section at my job (recreation center) the network was down for all 4 of our locations, so we really couldn't do a lot of online researching or gamesfor the kids. But we managed to get around that by having a minefield competition instead :DD



Sally Twit
Like Anita said, I'd have to do filing or paperwork. My job involves the internet and we'd all be sat there twiddling our thumbs if it went down.


Son of Liberty
I need to rant a little and its fitting in this thread:

So the internet is still down here at the office...coming on a full week now. I have no idea how many jobs Ive missed or how many are sneaking up and going to be due when its back up and running. Most people probably wouldnt mind to much, just pick up where I can and go right? Nope not I! Im already getting yelled at as if the net being down is my fault. So now when we miss out on the opportunity to bid on 2-3 hundred grand in small jobss this past week its going to come out of my ass (not literally, more like in a ratio via tearing at my self esteem). Ugh!!!!

But yeah, still down! only access I have is via my phone (which Im using now). Its funny because its being passed around the office so they can check their myspace :hah:. In about 30 minutes I'll have completed about a 3 months allowance of paper plans, which make up a tiny amount of the work I bid on. Ive already gone on begging sprees asking General Contractors for jobs I can work on hahaha. Another day or so of this and I'll just have to not come to work!


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We work with an online insurance quoting system though an internet warehouse.

If the net goes down, so does our system which leaves us without any internet related work at all.

Sometimes we'll use the time to catch up on manual paper work or filing.


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Sadly even if the internet goes down at my job our intraweb crap is all local so it does not go down so I can still work just not as enjoyable.