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Discussion in 'Computers' started by ysabel, May 24, 2009.

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    After seeing Hybrix's thread on facebook page ban by Iran, it reminded me of a recent article I read about Internet Censorship. Basically it says that censorship used to be easy to spot (ex: China blocking youtube or prohibits anything on the Tianenmen square; same with NK blocks) but governments and commercial firms are getting savvier about the internet and censorship has become more subtle. What would be a slow website could be an accidental glitch or something else....intentional. So some people launched a web site (Herdict) to study and "reveal" these things.

    It also says that it's not just governments that do censorship but private corporations or even your very own internet service provider!


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    Hopefully people will be watchful for this sort of stuff. I've considered before that ISPs could block the websites of their competitors and those of their parent companies, and it seems like something that should preemptively stopped imho, via net neutrality legislation.
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    Like EI, I hope people will be watchful of this sort of thing. Censorship is just something I can't stand period and to know that this crazy sort of censoring happens behind the scenes really angers me.
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    Censorship is one of those things that irk me. It's basically a restriction on the free exchange of ideas and free speech. Something in America that is a protected right. You can already see it happening in certain aspects of our society with movie and game ratings. The internet could be pretty easy to censor and I'm sure it happens.

    Shit I know AOL used to ban gun websites... so if a company can do it, the government can too.
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    This issue has come up recently in Europe. While I disagree with censoring opinions, I do agree with preventing outright illegal activities. Seriously though, censoring the internet is not necessarily censoring free speech. There is legal precedent for blocking torrent sites and file sharing sites already. It just hasn't been tested yet. Is seizing illegal drugs at sea ports unconstitutional? Then what would be wrong with preventing illegal digital media from being brought into the US through the internet?

    Personally I would be in full support of a nationwide censoring/block of torrent, file sharing and illegal download sites. I'd back it 100%. It's about time cheapskates stop driving up the cost of media for everyone else by pirating it.

    I realize it could set a bad precedent but I'd still support it in this case. This is one issue where me and Joe Biden are on the same page. :)
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