Internet Advertisements


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Do you ever click on a internet advertisement?

There are a few on this site and i know that i accidentally clicked one and then just closed it before it even loaded :lol:

I just want to know why there are so many when they seem so pointless to me


i never click on any of them because i'm afraid of viruses.
if i'm interested in anything i find other ways to search any info on it.
most of them seem pointless to me, too.
Shhhh don't make them think it's pointless, they'll stop paying money to be here!! :O

Lol but I know what you mean, I don't know why anyone would click. Google is your friend.


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I clicked time to time on them but not often. Most of them are pretty stupid if you ask me. I've downloaded a crappy baseball game by clicking one of those once.


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I play those mini games in ads. but then when I 'win' I just close the window that opens. That's it though.

Yeah I occasionally play those mini games aswell, then immediately close the window.

I won't click any of the regular ads as none of them appeal to me and most are illegitimate, so there's no point.

That goes for virtually all sites.


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Nah. I have AdBlock Plus, or whatever it's called.

Had to disable it to stream a few shows, though... Like on Hulu. >_>

Back when I didn't have the Ad Blocker I did sometimes play the games, but I never really clicked on them. I don't trust them.