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Internet Addiction, solutions?


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Even though I was perfectly aware that I seem to have this "disease," I didn't attempt to solve this solution due to the, in a sense, the pleasures of the internet. (Games, socializing, etc. [no pr0n, for the record]).

I would say that I developed this problem ever since my family first bought a desktop. Although I did have to split the time spent with my family members, I would sometimes (more often during summer and winter breaks) stay up very very late, typically into the early mornings on the computer.

Over time, my family bought a much powerful desktop due to the increase in demand for computer usage for school. I've basically hogged this computer, reasoning that I had work to do.

Only when I bought my first laptop did the condition really worsen. I [strike]suspect[/strike] believe that my grades have fallen as a result of this. No doubt when my parents receive my report card, they will be furious. Though, I'm apathetic to it all; whatever punishments they impose I just accept it.

I want to improve by ridding myself of ridding [strike]bad[/strike] nasty habits. Would anyone have any thorough solutions to this predicament of mine?

P.S. Although my laptop is the only computer I ever use, turning it off doesn't change as I always find a reason to keep it on (for school). Whenever I try to do work (such as programming), I veer off from what I'm supposed to do and procrastinate.
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Perhaps turning off the internet card when possible during school work?

Asking your parents to confiscate the laptop unless absolutely necessary for school?

Having a parent/sibling/close friend watch you as you're on (while they are working, watching TV, etc.) and keeping you steady on work?


Do you have this problem outside of the internet? It could be more of an Attention Deficit problem or learning disability, a possiblity to be looked into as well. There are extra programs for better study habits all over the place.


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I always find myself getting distracted with sites like GF, facebook, etc when I'm on the computer and trying to do work. What I do is make myself do an hour of work, then give myself 15 minutes to screw around doing anything, then get back to doing an hour of work. That might not help you stop logging on, but it might help you focus on your work when you need to.


Living in Ikoria
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Turning the internet card on and off as needed sounds plausible. If you can really dedicate yourself to turning it on, doing the segment of work, and turning it back off until you're finished it could work. It depends on how much self-control you think you possess.

I'm not sure how old you are yet, but a school counselor or teacher could provide specific advice to you about this, as I'm sure it's a common problem in the age of laptops.


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, you pretty lost me at 'no pr0n', free porn is the grass from which I graze. It makes the internet worth it for me.

In all seriousness I play a lot of games and chatting. How can you not love chatting? I talk to people from around the globe, personalities that I otherwise never encounter in my small neck of the woods.

Here's my story though; I bought my first computer at 14. I've been addicted to multi-player RTS games, to the point where I stopped going to school because I was up so late. And yes, resulting in I dropping out. I can't give you any pro tips because I am a failure. Well, I got my GED later on, but nonetheless, I still failed hard because I couldn't separate work from play.

I got a pretty good idea what you're going through, but a bit more info would help me out. Because I did shake my addiction, and I can live without computers for.... however long it takes me to wake up the next day. On a good day, 10 hours! ^_~

What fascinates you so much about the internet? What about chatting, games and programming? What keeps you wanting more? Give us the details and we can try to find a healthier alternative for you.


Problematic Shitlord
It sounds like there's not really a "disease" you're just a typical, modern teenager :D

We all get side tracked especially with something like the net at our disposal. You may just be overthinking it. Try a weekend without the net. Make some plans with friends or for time for yourself outside the house and doing other things. No matter how much you feel yourself resisting, just focus on something else.


Living in Ikoria
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I'm just throwing out any option/motivator that comes to mind at this point, so here's one:

Does consideration of showing respect to your teachers and education help in the motivation department? If you do have a 20 page paper and leave so much of it until the last minute, it's just flat out disrespectful no matter how well you do or do not do grade-wise. Not sure if you care about that at this point in your life, but teachers work incredibly hard for little pay to do what they do.


Eye see what you did ther
I used to have the same problem. Then I wrote down a schedule, and it seemed to help.


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This is a normal part of society these days- kids, adults and everyone in between are on the internet probably more than they actually need to be because it's "addictive" and it can be an easy way to escape from what ever it is you're trying to escape from in your real life; whether it be loneliness, boredom at work / home, stuck at home with an illness / injury,
you're shy / an introvert, etc. you name it, there's a reason for it.

What I'd suggest you do is try to monitor your usage yourself, first. For example, set a schedule and stick to it like glue. During your "down time"
while you're off the computer, make some plans with your friends; get some fresh air; pick up a hobby; do some volunteer work; exersize...blahblahblah...you get the idea I'm sure; but just keep yourself busy and entertained. That should help you break free from your habit. ;)