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Which do you tend to eat/crave the most?

I'm posting a poll with the top ten I can think of.

My top three would probably be, in order..

Italian- More for the sauces than the pasta.

Greek-Feta cheese, vegetables, Mmm

Chinese-I almost always get almond chicken or something filled with veggies.

Actually, after already voting, Mexican is higher on my list than Chinese.:-/
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I'm hungry all of a sudden.

I like Italian more for the cheese than anything else. Japanese, strictly nori rolls. Chinese has to have just the right sauce with it. I cannot enjoy a spring roll without duck sauce, hot mustard, AND soy sauce on it.

And I freaking loves me some Mexican food. You know where we need to go, Denise, we need to go to Mi Pueblo or Xochimilco. If I could figure out how to get there...


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My first choice would be Italian Cuisine, I love speghetti bolognese and could eat it probably three times a week if I needed too. I also love all types of pasta, sometimes I am a bit creative with my pasta, I'll add some raw oninion then cut a few pieces of cheese, but it in the microwave for a minutes and voila a great side dish.

I cannot stand Chinese food, I'll only eat a few things, but other than that it's disgusting.
Italian for pasta alone. With so many varieties and ingredients to add you always have a wonderful pasta meal that fills you up. Just thinking about it makes me want to go cook some lazania or alfredo.
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Indian, Chinese & Italian are my favourites.

My family love Italian, we went to the same restaurant about once a fortnight for many years, since I was 7ish years old. The owner, who was a good friend of my dad's, sadly passed away a couple years ago so we switched to a different one. It's kind of a strange routine but I love it.

Indian is there almost purely for the curry, yum. But there's lots of other things I like too. And Chinese food is just amazing. I only really like Westernized Chinese though, and not authentic. One of my flatmates is from China, and her cookbooks are revolting, haha.


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My choices were 1) Chinese 2) Thai and lastly 3) Lebanese.

1 & 2 are my favorite foods, with Thai being my absolute favorite. The flavor explosion is just insane with every bite. The only issue is, we only have one good Thai place here in town that I'm aware of. The rest are under the blanket "Chinese food" category. And I'm sorry but not all Asian food is the same :hah: The second reason I constantly crave it is the same as Chinese food... Its among the top of my all time favorite foods... and yet Kim hates it. So when I get Thai its a very rare occasion and one that I have to be selfish in the sense of "Wooot ME Night" :hah:

Chinese food is my next favorite, Again Kim doesnt care for it. She says it gives her a stomache ache everytime she eats it no matter where or what she eats. So Getting chinese food for us is probably about a once every 2-3 months kinda thing. When we do I thoroughly indulge hehehe. Thai is even worse in this case, I only get that Thai place maybe once every year.

The last one, Lebanese is special to me. My aunt is married to a 100% Lebanese man and so I've gotten the luxury of seeing the more formidable side of their food. I love garlic, I love Lemon, and they use TONS of those two ingredients. My Aunt loves to cook and when she does she cooks a lot. Last time she was in town we probably spent 80% of the time in the kitchen either eating, tasting, or trying other Lebanese dishes she does for her family back in Virginia. So the only time I get Lebanese food is when she's around. Which has 2 cool connontations to it. 1) I love the way it tastes and 2) it reminds me of spending time with her.


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I enjoy Japanese food, Thai, and Italian.

However, I do like authentic South American food. Recently, I went to a restaurant that served South American cuisine and really enjoyed it.

I have Italian too often and frequently.


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I have italian and mexican the most out of all of those. I think if it werent for the fact that I do eat those all the time... they'd probably rank higher for me in terms of actually craving 'em.