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International Burn a Korean Day


I ♥ Haters
I've always said that if you build a Korean a fire, he'll be warm all night, but if you light a Korean on fire, he'll be warm the rest of his life. :nod:
Dude, don't burn Koreans, that's not cool... although it would be funny :lol:


Epic Gamer
yah cause it was shaping up to be a hilarious thread before my attempt at humor.
The only thing lol-worthy was your epic fail attempt of humour. :p


Epic Gamer
I agree. This thread sucked from the get-go and my attempt to revive it failed. :lol:
Now you're just trying to recover from your epic fail.

I deem this attempt: another epic fail.

You're on a roll! Sadly, the roll is taking you away from any possibility of success....but still! Good job! :lol: