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International Burn a Koran Day


- Diderot Reborn -
on September 11th of this year, the Dove World Outreach Church of Florida will be holding an event they call "International Burn a Koran Day"


As an American Muslim...holy hell I don't even know where to start...

The man responsible for this, Terry Jones, wrote a book titled "Islam Is Of The Devil"

Tennessee governor Ron Ramsey recently called Islam a cult...

in New York, protest continue against mosque-building

and now this?

My parents left a country (Pakistan) that has built up a nice clean legal way to persecute our specific sect of Islam (Ahmadiyyat). They left that country, and came here, so they wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. I love this country as my parents do for the freedom and liberty it affords.

But I never thought that the hate could reach such heights even here. I mean sure, after 9/11 things were tense...very, very tense. 9/11/01 was the first time I was caught in a fist fight.

However, I thought things were dying down. Why is this happening now?

I'm posting this thread in a fairly emotional state, so I may need to revise it later to be less inflammatory...I'm just very hurt right now.


A Darker Knight
I forget, but there's a specific term for this kind of thing. It's like when someone falsely blames one thing for the cause of an event or outcome.

Just because a radical Muslim group was responsible for 9/11 doesn't mean the entire Muslim religion is to blame. Those people are just stupid.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Hateful, unnecessary, and just plain wrong...

That's all I can really say about it right now.


Creeping On You
How can this be legal? It's clearly racist and hateful! There must be something in the constitution that can be used to persecute them.


Son of Liberty
I don't blame you for being hurt, this is disgusting, ignorant, and divisive.
How can this be legal? It's clearly racist and hateful! There must be something in the constitution that can be used to persecute them.
No there isn't. This would fall under free speech. It's a political statement which is protected speech under Texas v. Johnson.

You could argue that it presents a clear and present danger under U.S. v. Schneck however. It would be an interesting case should the police try to stop the Koran burning and someone sues.
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Endangered Species
. I love this country as my parents do for the freedom and liberty it affords.
One of which is to tolerate the intolerable.


- Diderot Reborn -
I understand that the intolerable must be tolerated. I'm not doubting that. I'm merely saddened that this is what we've come to.


Registered Member
I understand this upsetting for you. But as Banana's says with the freedoms comes toleration of those who wish to express their beliefs.

I do not support this act in any way and I think it is show of true ignorance, but I can understand how some Americans can come to this. I have seen video and photos of Muslims burning American flags directly after 9/11/01. I think this not only was hurtful to Americans, but much of the world to see this flaunting in this way.

What the people responsible for this Koran Burning day do not understand is, 2 wrongs do not make a right. That is just my opinion.


If you honestly believe in your faith you have nothing to worry about. You should know that once these people pass away they'll be suffering forever for desecrating your holy book. You think your god will just blow them kisses and give them hugs in the afterlife? If you keep your faith and believe in what you believe, then they'll get their just desserts in the afterlife.

What you need to do is turn the other cheek - or whatever the equivalent in the Koran is. Brush it off and continue to live strong. They'll get theirs in the afterlife.


Registered Member
Is he planning on doing this with every religious text that isn't the Bible? If not, he's just being hypocritical.

And it's weird that he'd call Christians to not just talk, but to act, when clearly this is not actually doing anything...

There's also the irony of doing it at a so-called world outreach center - you're not going to be able to do any outreach to people of the world's fastest growing religion if you alienate them... :rolleyes: