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A few years ago, I took karate in college and the instructor walked on our stomachs while we did floor exercises. The guy was kind of big (maybe 200 pounds), but I was surprised that it really didn't hurt. I was just wondering has anyone else ever had someone step on them and not really feel much pain, or have you done this to someone and had them not feel much pain?

I myself don't really see the purpose of this exercise, but if I know it is used in a lot of karate classes, and I think usually they should have a woman performing the technique to prevent injuries. thanks for your thoughts.


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I know it is possible to hold large amounts of weight seemingly weak parts of your body, but I think I'd want to go through some training first before I get walked over.


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That technique is used to develop resistance to taking blows.

Specifically, it's used as a basis in a series of other exercises to build up a sort of "immunity" to having the wind knocked out of you. Since your abdominal area houses your diaphragm, this is one of the best exercises to start building up resistance.

I took tiger style kung fu when I was a teenager. My master would always have me doing ridiculous stretching routines and resistance training. It worked though.
There is a stage technique that stunt people and dancers use when they need to walk on someone but cant risk hurting them. It involves a well-timed and very controlled jump. He might have been doing that. :)