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Interesting Story About George W. Bush


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Are we all talking about the same guy here? George Walker Bush? 43rd POTUS? He is a classy and decent guy because he handled scrutiny well? Guilty often do, especially when they don't care if they are called out. There must be loosely defined meanings of decent and class I am not aware of. If I narrow my view to barely squinting and forget about his actions and policies, if I take just a couple public scenes and erase everything else about him as a president, then maybe I could kind of, sort of, in a very limited way agree he isn't 100% devoid of all class and decency. Mostly he seemed like a spoiled hick to me who was far more concerned with the opinion of his inner circle than the American public's opinion.


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The article came off as a piece of pandering fluff designed to inflate average America's opinion of Bush Jr. The Bush family is extremely powerful.
Did you read the article? It doesn't portray him in a particularly favorable light. In fact one of the main points is that one of his good traits (persistence and dedication) is terrifying in the case of the Iraq war. Besides, why would anybody write a pander piece right AFTER Bush had been reelected?

Bush Jr was a coaster. His family's influence couls explain much, if not all his success. He coasted through an ivy league school. He was released from the air force, thus avoiding the on going war at the time. He had several failed business practices some of which were funded or partnered with the bin Laden family. There is overwhelming evidence from multiple sources that he didn't actually win the presidential elections. George H Bush went to Yale (a "skull and bones" initiate...gee take a guess if his son was too, i wonder if daddy Bush had the power to pull strings at Yale), struck it rich as an oil baron thanks to George Herbert's father, Prescott's connections, was a c.i.a. director and a long time politician. In other words, the Bush family is a very well connected and powerful family. Of course George Jr. could just coast by, not because he was some sort of natural intellectual genius filled with sincerety and values. It is a well written piece of fluff, but seems like an obvious device to win the hearts of unsuspecting individuals. It really does tug the heart strings, but also reeks of poo. It is pure opinion by one individual (or designed by several to seem that way) that presents emotional content and very very little else. It is a great article if you truly want to see only the good and completely ignore facts and truth. If you want to believe our country has only ever had a benevolent and righteous agenda and Bush as a pure being with nothing but the purest intentions. Willfull ignorance is bliss. No one wants to have a prolonged introspective glance at the root of their faults and bad deeds, even at a national level. The truth makes that fairly difficult to ignore. So we call it conspiracy "theories" (even with a foundation of cold hard facts). Let's face it though, America is teeming with those who wear blindfolds to the point that it becomes grafted to their skin. You want the truth? You can't handle the....
Let's assume, for the sake of discussion, that you're right - that W's education, business opportunities, and even getting out of the military were all due to his family even though the evidence is not conclusive. So what?

Do you really think any family in the world has anywhere close to enough influence to steal a presidential election? If so, why doesn't the Bush family just get everyone elected that they want to win?

I understand and acknowledge the possible validity of your statement. However, can you honestly say he would have succeeded, if that man was not born a Bush, that he would have still become a president of the United States? If he was born in an average family, George W. Jenkins, he still would have been leader of the free world, coasted through Yale, would have had business partnerships with the bin Laden family and avoided going to Viet Nam? He would have achieved all those things without riding one of the most powerful families in America coat tails? It seems extremely far-fetched to me. I doubt he even would have gained acceptance into Yale, much less held any type of political office. As for doing his best, well, no, I cannot honestly agree with that. Class act? I cannot honestly agree with that either. He may not have thrown a fit and act like a child everytime he was confronted, but i can't call that a class act.
Have we ever had a president that got their without crazy connections?