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Interesting read about Anti Depressants


not a plastic bag
The article had practical suggestions for dealing with anxiety and depression through nutrition and exercise. I would also add spiritual health. Too many put their faith in doctors and pharmacy.
I'm like everybody else. I've been depressed and suffered anxiety. But I put my faith in God and the things I can do myself to get through it.
Of course the medicine is good for some people with severe mental health issues. But it's ridiculous how addicted we are to this stuff.
Every time I watch hulu I see an ad for people who are on these drugs but are still depressed so there is another drug that you add to your depression drug to help it work. Does it ever end? How many do you take before trying something New? Which is actually not New at all. Nutrition, prayer and meditation is how we always dealt with it.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Depression is a difficult topic. Serious talks about it are important and useful. I would say any conversation about depression, however it begins, is helpful.


Embrace the Suck
Depression is a difficult topic. Serious talks about it are important and useful. I would say any conversation about depression, however it begins, is helpful.
Well, technically the article is about anti depressants, and not on depression itself. The premise is anti depressants CAN do more harm than good, in some instances.

My point is America is addicted to medication, whether it be legal medication like this, or illegal medication. These are factors that contribute to many of the problems we now face.


not a plastic bag
Personally never heard of the doctor or quackwatch. Doesn't change my opinion that anti-depressants and ADHD drugs are far too over-prescribed. And the side effects are far worse than what the GSK claims.


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Well as the saying goes, it takes one to know one. . I used to take Paxil.

Well a decade ago I was having trouble with my heart. My heart was slowing down very much. I was afraid I might die. . I asked the doctor what can I do?. . He prescribed me Paxil. . This helped partly. But then I was also prescribed Ativan as I explained Paxil kind of works but not totally . The combination of Paxil and Ativan helped my heart. I had a physical problem.. not a mental one. That's why it's called a controlled substance. It has the ability to correctly help your heart to beat at a normal rate. .When a person has anxiety their heart can speed up. Paxil will help the heart to slow down.. and if the heart is slow it will then speed it to the normal rate. . This is well kind of amazing if you think so.

I thank God that Paxil was invented. Paxil saved my life including Ativan. Several years later my heart starting doing better on its own. I quit Paxil. Do you know how many days it took to quit Paxil?. . Just one day. That's it. . The answer is, no it's not addictive. However, if a person does have constant anxiety they will need to take Paxil and or something like Prozac or Lexapro. . I am experienced in taking several of these medications.

Ativan however is the one medicine that's addicting. It causes a person to have to take more and more often. . Which is why that's not usually a first choice medication . Other combinations were tried first with me. . But since Ativan worked I was using that for awhile. I had to gradually come off that one. .

About this murder stuff has nothing to do with the medication whatsoever. . I've taken medicine as strong as Halodal back in the 90's when my mother died. I got really depressed. I also told them I think I had some demons in my life giving me a bad time. I had all these bad things happening to me. This is why they gave me Halodal. You can't get this medicine unless you personally go to a licensed only psychiatrist to prescribe Halodal. . I don't recommend this one. . This one really makes you drowsy. . I don't believe anymore about those demons. . I am a Christian now.. I know in general Satan is giving everyone a bad time. It's all about resisting his lies and everything else he does.