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Science Interesting or not interesting


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Hi All :) I am a new member here. I usually at forums start on the bottom. . who knows maybe I will find a penny on the ground first. ;) You know in my opinion Science is well pretty cool. I did not always feel this way. You know at school some of the kids made fun of those what they called book worms. But years passed and those so called geeks become a Doctor or something like that. Those teased ended up taking the bus. In adult life or a used Pick up truck. Sure as kids we just did not understand back then. Well you know that’s all about growing up and learning..

This brings me to Science. Ironically at this moment the 1980’s Thomas Dolby song Blinded me with Science is playing. If you never heard this song check out U tube they probably have it. Well some people are interested in science and others are just the opposite finding not much interest in science. It’s that love or hate topic. .

Science can help us or harm us. It is also used in Auto mechanics, pilot of a plane. A Wrestler or Body Builder, an astronaut, an Architect and so on. Science is basically just how things work. Why give such a complicated definition? I am sure there are a many other definitions of science. Its observation and study. And you don’t have to be an Einstein to accomplish to do good things in your life. For even dieting or losing weight is a science. It's not always about those white coat lab working in a closed building 8 hours a day. Science is every where. I also believe in God that made all things. But this is not a debate on Creationism versus evolution topic. I only expressed my own personal belief.

Here is what I wanted to ask. Topic is interesting or not interesting? How do yo feel about science in general? Do you believe it is interesting? To show this you can talk about classes you have taken in school or maybe a certain assignment you have done in class. Why you were interested in this subject. You can also talk of a Science teacher you particularly liked as to how they taught in the class room. Or you can just in general talk about any interest in science what kind of science and why you feel it is interesting. This is the 'A' group.

Next is the 'Z' group. Yes I skipped all the letters cause now we are talking opposite. Do you think Science is not interesting and why? Are there assignments you had in school that was a real drag to you? Was there a teacher who pretty much well, got on your nerves? Or do you just don’t care for science in general.?

These are all questions that don't need to be answered. Only one will do if that is enough. Or answer as many as you want. Even in fact you can be in both 'A' and 'Z' group why you like science and other reasons why you don't at the same time. This leaves room for everyone's opinion. Because this is a topic one group can say. Let's pick up this light bulb and study this. The other group can say. We don't like light bulbs. Let us drop it and and walk out of class. Science is for some, but not for everyone. . We live in an interesting world after all. Who would like to be first?. . If anyone needs clarification please just ask. I will be glad to explain what is not understood.. basically it is whether or not one likes or dislikes science and why. And one may use past experiences to define their answer or current day events as well as to how they feel. Answer any way you feel best.


Free Spirit
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First I want to say Welcome to the Forum.

I find science interesting but I didn't in school. In school I thought it was boring but now I love nothing better than a good science documentary.

I think science has done many good things for humanity. There are many diseases that are made more bearable by science if not cured. I'm hoping one day science can find a cure for cancer.

We wouldn't be even talking about going to Mars if it wasn't for science, have a space station or even using the internet.


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Hey Hilander. Thanks for the welcome. I like it over here so far. The group of posters appear to be quite pleasant and especially to some of those harsh debate forums I have been to before. . I think I am seeing more true friendship attitude which I will stick around if things stay this way. ..

Another disease to cure is Alzheimer. My Grampa and my Fiancees Father both died from this. Although a stroke is still a possible culprit in my Grampa's case. . Cause while they were testing him for Alzheimers they never gave him any medication for it. Maybe because other causes as a stroke took his life. Nevertheless Alzheimer’s is a Death penalty.

I don’t care anymore for Space explorations, Because now I'm more concerned about Life on Earth. . Billions of dollars that could be building schools, Houses, Electricity in countries where people need Education and shelter common Providence. Money can also go toward saving the animals on the extinction list etc. rather than focusing on Jupiter or Saturn, Planetary Movements, surface explorations, or cameras and all that. And that people will all get Benefits for affordable Health insurance.. So the help from Medical science and cures. Ecology and Environmental, Animal species science, Social Science and helping Social issues of Living circumstances.

As for me I just for now like to make some some observation of things going on around me. For one I starting liking Science when I started thinking more about my weight lifting. I never had known before so many science principles were involved in the sport of lifting.. . . I want to know more about Nutrition, vitamins, and stuff like that. I want to learn some Physics even if more general understanding. Some chemistry, some Biology. A little bit of Physics as my favorite leading Science topic. Since I like to lift and want to know about forces. I guess you can say Force is more than ‘Luke use the Force’ ha haha. .

I noticed people that are more mechanical or good at building computers and electronics with some scientific basic observation are some of the more creative at home ideas. Used to have one friend Mark who knew how to fix a lot of things. . And Bob who was good at computers and hooked up my door bell light switch. I wish I had known how to do these things. .

I hope if I study some I can learn how to be handy around the house or apartment. I have not been known as one of those Jack of all trades kind of guy. But in my own ways I have used replacement ideas that has helped me over the years. I have been known to come up with those second best thing ideas instead of the real first best idea solutions. . . because I have not worked on cars, houses, floors and all that stuff. . . These are all creative critical Science thinking work. Give me a little time. I'm going to do some reading and share some things on the board in the upcoming future cause when I start thinking of this stuff and reading well then I am not too bad after all. . I just may never be your local Isaac Newton Orange landing on your Head Gravity discoverer. Because sometimes things don’t go our way and we just need to laugh at our goof ups and get back up and try again. It's all about trial and error. Winners never quit and quitters never win.