Interesting Error...


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I doubt it's a really big deal, but it still makes for an interesting Jpeg. Can you spot what's wrong here?



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Oh DUDE. I totally saw that too. It happened right after I posted my last post in that thread. I thought I was going to lose all the post count in that, but when I refreshed it was back to normal. I was so confused by that. :dazed:
Also, you must have a huuuuuge screen to s-shot all that. :hah:
Oh, I should add that when it happened to me every other post before his was moved into that post. Every single one on the page. :stare:
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Yeah it's something with the code for that particular video site. Instead of looking into it I just removed the video from my quote. :lol:

I might try to find the problem later on though. It's probably just a table thing.