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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by soot, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. soot

    soot Registered Member

    Jack Murtha mans up and goes on record as saying the the surge is working and progress is being made.

    The Politico reports that Democratic Congressmen are indicating that their constiuencies are much less interested in the war and much less insistent on withdrawl.

    The latest Pew Poll (not today's news - but for the month of November) shows that America is now evenly split on whether or not our effort in Iraq is going well/poorly. Also, a majority indicate that they believe the US will succede in Iraq (whatever that means to them individually, the poll didn't qualify the question).

    I'm curious what your thoughts are on this.

  2. mkultra

    mkultra Registered Member

    the surge is a total band aid "solution"--we cant win as long as our presence is fueling the insurgency with our illegal occupation of Iraq. It may have slowed the killing possibly but I dont see any serious progress coming in Iraq unless it comes from the political realm only

    if the occupation has been failing all this time why would an escalation of the failure turn it around?
  3. fleinn

    fleinn 101010

    .. I don't know. That the politico has had the most blatant political propaganda- hit pieces, as well as stupid mistakes from sheer incompetence, compared to any other news- outlet? And that they work in tandem with the drudge- report, allowing them to field flatly untrue stories again and again, without ever issuing corrections?

    Other than that - without looking at the druge- report or politico sites, or what Murtha said - I am going to bet that he said something like this: "The surge is working, but with this and that happening, it's only working towards holding the violence down due to the sheer number of troops - in other words, it's not tenable as a long- term strategy and will not cause political reconciliation like the Bush- White House alleges." But the Politico only printed the first sentence, and/or quoted a right- wing blog or republican activist (unnamed) as an authoritative source on what Murtha really said.

    Basically for no other reason than to make a hit- piece on the democrats, and to avoid, by any means, injecting any useful information on the actual issues into the public debate.

    Go ahead: correct me.

    Has it been aired on POX- news yet as "breaking news"?
  4. mkultra

    mkultra Registered Member

    any objective observer just looking at iraq now can see its still a mess
  5. fleinn

    fleinn 101010 other news, the right- o- sphere is reporting that pigs fly, it's suspiciously cold in the ground, and the democrats are finally accepting that the surge works.

    Meanwhile, rumours of Barack Obama's muslimness are reported in the Washington Post.

    Newsflash: are liberals the biggest threat to the family, or to our national security! Silly pompous intellectual defends himself in three- second soundbites between our angry interruptions!
  6. mkultra

    mkultra Registered Member

    that was spot on fleinn and the most ironic thing too is they give liberals all this supposed power and prly the last time liberals had any power at all was over 20 years ago--everything happening now is the legacy of 20 years of republican/conservative centrist rule
  7. soot

    soot Registered Member

    I'm curious how you'd explain that.

    Until 1994 the Republicans hadn't controlled both Houses of Congress since the 1950s.

    The Republicans held their majority for the 104th, 105th, and 106th Congresses then lost the Senate in the 107th, won both back in for the 108th & 109th, then lost both for the 110th.

    During none of those Congresses did the Republicans hold the 2/3 majority necessary in both Houses to ram their policy through without compromise, and for half of that time there was a Democratic president sitting in the Oval Office.

    From 1995 when the 104th Congress took their seats, through 2007 when the 110th took theirs, you're only talking about 12 years of Republican dominance in Congress, and only half that time with the Republicans holding a unified government.

    So basically we're looking at six years of Republican "rule" rather than 20 - and in any event "rule" is a pretty stupid word to use to describe the process of American governance.

    Every major piece of policy passed in the last 20 years has been a result of bipartisan compromise. Every major piece.

    So again...I'm curious how you explain your comment.

    Which is apropos of absolutely nothing...


    The pretentious drivel you're so fond of really has no place here. Your philosophical smart-assery is a waste of time and a bother to read.

    Please restrict your comments to matters pertinent to my threads.

    Thanks, and have a good day.
  8. Corona

    Corona Registered Member

    The "surge" is not really a surge. It is just taking troop levels to what they were last year before we realized that the military is stretched too thin.
  9. mkultra

    mkultra Registered Member

    and no matter how you stretch the military one way or another -hostile occupations of a foreign country has never been known to work for very long
  10. soot

    soot Registered Member


    I honestly have to say that I've never seen you post anything even remotely accurate or credible.

    You have many strongly held opinions, but not once have I read anything you've posted that I couldn't debunk just by thinking about it for a minute or two. That's not to mention what 30 minutes of research does to your arguments.

    Do a little research into the history's of Luxembourg, Palestine, Kashmir, or Cyprus...

    Hostile military occupations don't work for very long...LMMFAO.

    Incidentally, you still haven't answered the questions I asked you about the last batch of bullshit you posted in this thread...

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