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Sony interest in games



What game captures your interest the most? After you cast a vote write an explanation why. If you cast other write the game and an explanation why.

Game: The Godfather

Why: I always liked the movie. The game has the theme of  san andreas which I like. Also, the game seems interseting because of the mafia.


l 7SIN Sasori l
Re: interset in games

Meh, your poll is limited and there is really no reason to have it. I am closing it. Also, please edit your thread and put INTEREST...you mispelled it 2 times. ;)


one up'd you and removed it. No sence in having it if it is not in use.


Digital Devil Saga 2:

The sequel to one of the greatest rpg's I've ever played. That, and the story line is only complete when you combine the two games, hell, you even load the memory from the first game. (Not in the same fashion as dotHack.)