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[Interactive] The Greatest Band Ever


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Basically list what you'd give your left nut to see live, or just hear in a jam session together.

Lead Singer - Freddy Mercury [Queen] This man was one of the greatest. Perfect voice, and great writing ability.

Lead Guitar - Stevie Ray Vaughn [Solo] In my opinion, the best player to ever touch a stringed instrument.

Backup Guitar - Kirk Hammett [Metallica] Great soloist, awesome all-around player. Great compliment to SRV.

Rhythm Guitar - Chuck Berry [Solo] One of the most underrated guitar players of all time. I chose him as rhythm because of his speed at chords. Johnny B. Goode for example.

Drums - John Bonnam [Led Zeppelin] If anyone has an argument with this choice, download the song "Moby Dick"... The long version... And tell me that he's not the greatest.

Bass (First choice) - Cliff Burton [Metallica] This was a hard choice, but I had to go with Cliff. It's a shame he was cut down in the prime of his career. We could only imagine what Metallica could have been with him.

Bass (Second choice) - Mark Hoppus [Blink 182] Excellent player, and needs to span out into other types of music.

Piano/Keyboards - Axl Rose [Guns 'N' Roses] I chose him, even though his personality sucks, because he does have great skill on the piano. I only condensed keyboards with this to save some space.