Inter-religious Relationships

Discussion in 'Dating & Relationships' started by idisrsly, May 28, 2010.

  1. idisrsly

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    Straight forward question! Would you date/marry someone who belonged to a different religion than that of your own and do you think it is a good idea or not?

    I have two Christian friends, one engaged to a Jew and the other to an Atheist. Do you guys think such relationships can stand the test of time?

    How do you go through life with a SO who has such different beliefs from what you have? How do you raise your children? Which parent gets to decide that the children will follow their religion and how does the other decide that they are ok with their children learning something they themselves do not believe in at all?

  2. Merc

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    If they cannot accept that their partner has a different view in life then it won't work. Although, to be quite honest, I think it's extremely pathetic for that to be a reason for a relationship to end.
  3. idisrsly

    idisrsly I'm serious V.I.P. Lifetime

    Do you really think it's that easy though? Let's take you and me, I'll be the Christian and you be the Atheist. Would we not have religious discussions? Would those, being on opposite sides, not lead to arguments? Arguing about the same thing over and over again could surely take it's toll on any relationship, no?
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    Even though I don't plan on anymore children, I couldn't be with someone who doesn't share my faith.
    Once upon a time I thought it didn't matter and that as long as we accepted each other's differences, all would work out in the end.
    Now that I know the end of life is only the beginning of something else, there's no way I could be with someone who wouldn't be sharing the journey with me.
  5. Merc

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    Like I said, it's easy if you're not a fundamentalist. If you're 100% dedicated to the point that you would let a religious discussion anger you to the point of ending a relationship then . . . well there's not much to say, is there? I mean, being thoroughly devout in anything whether it's religion, politics, ice cream, etc, means having a narrow view of that realm. It's just how it works. It means unfaltering devotion and that leaves no room for anything else.
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    I agree with Constantine. As long as religion is not your way of living, then 2 partners of different religions can get along pretty well.
    If you and I believe in different Gods but never really talk about it or we just don't care, then what's the problem? It doesn't matter because religion is not that important in our lives to let it affect our relationship.
    I have many friends who have partners of different religion, but that has never been an issue as long as they have never been obsessed with it.
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  7. Wade8813

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    I think if it's important in the life of either person, there'll almost certainly be problems. Neither of them have to be fundamentalists for a problem.

    It's not even necessarily about getting into arguments about which religion is right. I mean, I have friends who have different religious beliefs than I do, and we've discussed it in a civilized manner, and never got in a fight.

    The thing is, it could be quite distressing to believe that the person you love most in life won't be in heaven with you. And deciding on how to raise your kids can be quite the controversy. Plus any religious restrictions that the other doesn't have could be difficult. And the fact that some religions don't allow it/discourage it.
  8. Unity

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    I'm fine with them, and I'd be fine with an interreligious marriage. The tough part with me is that I'm Catholic and my oldest brother is a priest: I'd like him to do my wedding, and I'd like it to be easier as far as raising kids with one faith. But love and respect for commonalities can deal with all of that.
  9. Sorrel

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    Most of the couples I know who started with different religions (I mean Christian/other, not two different forms of Christianity) have ended in one of the partners caving in and converting to the partner's religion. I suppose they did it for the sake of peace and harmony, though they will never admit this.
  10. Interested

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    I am an Atheist, my SO is a believer. Never had problems with that, as I really respect the fact he believes (as well as the members of my family) and he does not care I don't. We only had a conversation once or twice, and that was to share the views, not to try to convince each other of something.
    I would agree here with Constantine.

    It's fanaticism I do not accept and, I will have to admit, I have a problem with a couple of particular religions.

    So it's not the views being different. They may be, as long as we accept the differences and do not want/try to change them.

    As for children, I would want them to be raised with a choice, the way I was. Most of my family and relatives are believers, but none of us were pressurised into believing or not believing and what we needed to know, was left for when we are old enough to actually understand it and can avoid being influenced.
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